Central Bank Research Hub - Series: National Bank of the Republic of Austria Working Papers

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Trade Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries:Lessons from a Gravity Model

Paper: WP105, 01.11.2005

JEL: C23, F14, F15

Does Money Matter for Inflation in the Euro Area?

Paper: WP103, 01.10.2005

AQM ¿ The Austrian Quarterly Model of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Paper: WP104, 01.10.2005

Estimates of the Open Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curve for Euro Area Countries

Paper: WP102, 01.09.2005

JEL: C22, E12, E31

The Price-Setting Behavior of Austrian Firms: Some Survey Evidence

Paper: WP100, 01.08.2005

JEL: C25, E30

How Frequently Do Consumer Prices Change in Austria? Evidence from Micro CPI Data

Paper: WP101, 01.08.2005

JEL: C41, D21, E31, L11

Financial Differences and Business Cycle Co-Movements in A Currency Area

Paper: WP097, 01.06.2005

JEL: E3, E42, E44, E52, F41

The European Monetary Union as a Commitment Device for New EU Member States

Paper: WP098, 01.06.2005

JEL: E31, E52, F02, F41

The Effect of Capital Requirement Regulation on the Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Austria

Paper: WP099, 01.06.2005

JEL: E4, E5

Managerial Behavior and Cost/Profit Efficiency in the Banking Sectors of Central and Eastern European Countries

Paper: WP096, 01.04.2005

JEL: C14, D21, G21, G28

On the Design of Sustainable and Fair PAYG Pension Systems When Cohort Sizes Change

Paper: WP095, 01.03.2005

JEL: D63, H55, J1, J18

Understanding the Stock Market¿s Response to Monetary Policy Shocks

Paper: WP093, 01.01.2005

JEL: E4, E5, G1

What Do German Short-Term Interest Rates Tell Us About Future Inflation?

Paper: WP094, 01.01.2005

Exchange Rate Regimes Past, Present and Future

Paper: WP092, 01.12.2004

Forecasting Austrian Inflation

Paper: WP091, 01.11.2004

JEL: C52, C53, E31

Modeling Credit Aggregates

Paper: WP090, 01.10.2004

JEL: C32, E44, E51

Forecasting Austrian GDP using the generalized dynamic factor model

Paper: WP089, 01.09.2004

Three Decades of Money Demand Studies. Some Differences and Remarkable Similarities

Paper: WP088, 01.07.2004

JEL: E41, E52

Bank Capital, Liquidity and Systemic Risk

Paper: WP087, 01.06.2004

JEL: E44, G21, G28

Testing for Longer Horizon Predictability of Return Volatility with an Application to the German DAX

Paper: WP086, 01.10.2003

How Do Debit Cards Affect Cash Demand? Survey Data Evidence

Paper: WP082, 01.08.2003

JEL: D12, E41, E58

The business cycle of European countries Bayesian clustering of country- individual IP growth series

Paper: WP083, 01.08.2003

JEL: C15, C33, E32

Searching for the Natural Rate of Interest: a Euro-Area Perspective

Paper: WP084, 01.08.2003

JEL: C32, E43, E52

Investigating asymmetries in the bank lending channel. An analysis using Austrian banks¿ balance sheet data

Paper: WP085, 01.08.2003

JEL: C11, C15, E44, E51

How Robust are Money Demand Estimations? A Meta-Analytic Approach

Paper: WP081, 01.07.2003

JEL: E41, E52

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