Central Bank Research Hub - Series: National Bank of the Republic of Austria Working Papers

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Title Author(s)

Economic Policy Uncertainty and the Volatility of Sovereign CDS Spreads

JEL: D80, E66, G18

Optimal fiscal policy and sovereign debt crises

Paper: 218, 07.12.2017

JEL: E62, F34, H63

Sovereign Bond Risk Premiums

Paper: 217, 17.11.2017

Perceptions of Inequality

Paper: 216, 17.10.2017

JEL: C81, D31, D63, D83

Actuarial Deductions for Early Retirement

Paper: 215, 17.10.2017

JEL: H55, J1, J18, J26

Regulatory Integration of International Capital Markets

Paper: 214, 16.06.2017

Bank Lending and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Paper: 213, 29.05.2017

JEL: E22, G21

The Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy Announcements in the Euro Area: An Event and Econometric Study

Paper: 212, 09.02.2017

Inequality, Perception Biases and Trust

Paper: 211, 02.02.2017

JEL: C23, D31, Z13

Determinants of Credit Constrained Firms: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe Region

Paper: 207, 13.05.2016

JEL: E51, F34, G21, L10

Competition in Treasury Auctions

Paper: 206, 08.03.2016

US Monetary Policy in a Globalized World

Paper: 205, 26.02.2016

Background Indicators

Paper: 204, 26.02.2016

Why Are Banks Not Recapitalized During Crises?

Paper: 203, 01.10.2015

Sovereign Risk and Bank Risk-Taking

Paper: 202, 01.10.2015

JEL: E44, E58, F34, G21, H63

The Return on Social Security with Increasing Longevity

Paper: 201, 01.10.2015

JEL: D63, H55, J1, J18

Does Joint Modelling of the World Economy Pay Off? Evaluating Global Forecasts from a Bayesian GVAR

Paper: 200, 19.03.2015

JEL: C53, E37, F47

Shock Transmission through International Banks: Austria

Paper: 199, 27.01.2015

JEL: E44, F30, G18, G21, G32

Spillovers from Euro Area and U.S. Credit and Demand Shocks: Comparing Emerging Europe on the Basis of a GVAR Model

Paper: 198, 22.01.2015

JEL: C32, E32, F44, O54

The Euroization of Bank Deposits in Eastern Europe

Paper: 197, 03.11.2014

The Role of Card Acceptance in the Transaction Demand for Money

Paper: 196, 23.09.2014

JEL: C35, C83, E41

The International Transmission of U.S. Structural Shocks Evidence from Global Vector Autoregressions

Paper: 195, 12.08.2014

JEL: C30, E32, E52, F41

Made in China - How Does it Affect Measures of Competitiveness?

Paper: 193, 01.08.2014

JEL: C43, F12, F15, L15, O47

Consumer Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Comparison with Payment Diary Survey Data

Paper: 192, 01.08.2014

JEL: D12, E41, E58

Systemic Sovereign Risk: Macroeconomic Implications in the Euro Area

Paper: 191, 01.08.2014

JEL: E44, E65, F42

Information Frictions and the Law of One Price: When the States and the Kingdom became United

Paper: 190, 01.08.2014

Forecasting with Bayesian Global Vector Autoregressive Models: A Comparison of Priors

Paper: 189, 01.08.2014

JEL: C32, E32, F44, O54

Foreign currency borrowing and knowledge about exchange rate risk

Paper: 188, 01.08.2014

JEL: D12, D80, G11

One Money, One Cycle? The EMU Experience

Paper: WP186, 09.10.2013

A Global Macro Model for Emerging Europe

Paper: WP185, 09.10.2013

Endogenous Leverage and Asset Pricing in Double Auctions

Paper: WP184, 21.08.2013

How Does Quality Impact on Import Prices?

Paper: WP175, 19.01.2012

Regulatory Medicine Against Financial Market Instability: What Helps And What Hurts?

Paper: WP174, 25.10.2011

Decomposition of Wealth and Income using Micro Data from Austria

Paper: WP173, 13.10.2011

Households' Foreign Currency Borrowing in Central and Eastern Europe

Paper: WP171, 23.09.2011

Credit Risk in General Equilibrium

Paper: WP172, 23.09.2011

Bank Bailouts, International Linkages and Cooperation

Paper: WP170, 23.05.2011

Can Regional Transfers Buy Public Support? Evidence from EU Structural Policy

Paper: WP169, 23.05.2011

Stock Market Volatility, Consumption and Investment; An Evaluation of the Uncertainty Hypothesis Using Post-War U.S. Data

Paper: WP168, 23.05.2011

Does the Broad Public Want to Consolidate Public Debt? - The Role of Fairness and of Policy Credibility

Paper: WP167, 23.05.2011

Firms¿ Reactions to the Crisis and their Consequences for the Labour Market. Results of a Company Survey conducted in Austria

Paper: WP166, 20.12.2010

Independence Tests based on Symbolic Dynamics

Paper: WP165, 05.10.2010

JEL: C12, C52


Short-term forecasting GDP with a DSGE model augmented by monthly indicators

Paper: WP163, 22.09.2010

Bank-Lending Standards, the Cost Channel and Inflation Dynamics

Paper: WP164, 02.09.2010

JEL: E40, E50

Has the Euro changed the Business Cycle?

Paper: WP162, 31.05.2010

JEL: E32, F41, F42

Nominal and Real Wage Rigidities. In Theory and in Europe

Paper: WP161, 01.04.2010

JEL: E24, E31, E32, J51

Spatial Filtering, Model Uncertainty and the Speed of Income Convergence in Europe

Paper: WP160, 10.02.2010

Euroization in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe ¿ New Evidence On Its Extent and Some Evidence On Its Causes

Paper: WP159, 15.12.2009

JEL: D14, E41, E50

Trust in Banks? Evidence from normal times and from times of crises

Paper: WP158, 17.11.2009

The sensitivity of DSGE models¿ results to data detrending

Paper: WP157, 29.07.2009


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