Central Bank Research Hub - Series: National Bank of the Republic of Austria Working Papers 2006

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Title Author(s)

A Deliberative Independent Central Bank

Paper: WP133, 27.11.2006

JEL: C79

AQM-06: The Macro economic Model of the OeNB

Paper: WP132, 03.10.2006

Expected Money Growth, Markov Trends and the Instability of Money Demand in the Euro Area

Paper: WP131, 03.10.2006

JEL: C11, C32, E41, M3

A Worldwide System of Reference Rates

Paper: WP130, 06.09.2006


Are Monetary Rules and Reforms Complements or Substitutes?A Panel Analysis for the World versus OECD Countries

Paper: WP129, 06.09.2006

JEL: D78, E52, E61

Three Lectures on Monetary Theory and Policy:Speaking Notes and Background Papers

Paper: WP128, 03.07.2006

JEL: B22, B30, D50, D80, E12, E40

Proposal for a Common Currency among Rich Democracies

Paper: WP127, 23.06.2006

JEL: F31, F33

Monetary Unions, External Shocks and Economic Performance

Paper: WP126, 23.06.2006


Regional Currency Arrangements: Insights from Europe

Paper: WP125, 23.06.2006

JEL: E50, E61, F02, F33


Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks in the East and the West of Europe: A Comparison

Paper: WP124, 06.06.2006

JEL: C11, C15, C33, E40, E52

The Mystique of Central Bank Speak

Paper: WP123, 06.06.2006

JEL: D82, E52, E58

Exchange-Rate Arrangements an Financial Integration in East Asia: On a Collision Course?

Paper: WP122, 06.06.2006

Regional Currency Arrangements in North America

Paper: WP121, 06.06.2006

Europe¿s Hard Fix: The Euro Area

Paper: WP120, 06.06.2006

An Unobserved Components Model to Forecast Austrian GDP

Paper: WP119, 31.05.2006

Interest Rate Pass-Through, Monetary Policy Rules and Macroeconomic Stability

Paper: WP118, 01.04.2006

JEL: E32, E52, E58

Do Bank-Based Financial Systems Reduce Macroeconomic Volatility by Smoothing Interest Rates?

Paper: WP117, 01.04.2006

JEL: E32, E44, E52

Financial Systems and the Cost Channel Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks

Paper: WP116, 01.04.2006

JEL: E40, E50

The London Stock Exchange in the 19th Century: Ownership Structures, Growth and Performance

Paper: WP115, 01.03.2006

The Determinants of Multinational Banking during the First Globalization, 1870¿1914

Paper: WP114, 01.03.2006

JEL: F21, F23, G21


Lessons from Italian Monetary Unification

Paper: WP113, 01.02.2006

JEL: E42, F15, F33, N23


Did Genoa and Venice Kick a Financial Revolution in the Quattrocento?

Paper: WP112, 01.02.2006

JEL: F34, H63, N13


European Financial Market Integration in the Gründerboom and Gründerkrach: Evidence from European Cross-Listings

Paper: WP111, 01.02.2006

JEL: F3, G15, N23


Does Diversification Improve the Performance of German Banks? Evidence from Individual Bank Loan Portfolios

Paper: WP110, 01.02.2006

JEL: G21, G28, G32

Bankruptcy Law, Creditors¿ Rights and Contractual Exchange in Europe, 1808¿1914

Paper: WP109, 01.02.2006


European Banks and their Impact on the Banking Industry in Chile

Paper: WP108, 01.02.2006


Legal-Political Factors and the Historical Evolution of the Finance-Growth Link

Paper: WP107, 01.02.2006


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