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Title Author(s)

The impact of sovereign and credit risk on interest rate convergence in the euro area

Paper: 425, 03.06.2014

JEL: E43, G21, H63

The measurement of international pension obligations - Have we harmonised enough?

Paper: 424, 26.05.2014

JEL: G23, H55, H75

The rose-colored glasses of homeowners

Paper: 421, 15.05.2014

JEL: D12, R31

How does unconventional monetary policy affect inequality? Evidence from Japan

Paper: 423, 08.05.2014

JEL: D63, E52, E63

The role of financial intermediaries in monetary policy transmission

Paper: 420, 23.04.2014

JEL: E40, E50, G20

Banking stress test effects on returns and risks

Paper: 419, 10.04.2014

Dynamic visualization of large transaction networks: the daily Dutch overnight money market

Paper: 418, 27.03.2014

JEL: D23, E42, E44, E58, G01, G2, G21

On trend-cycle-seasonal interactions

Paper: 417, 12.03.2014

Effects of ECB balance sheet policy announcements on inflation expectations

Paper: 416, 12.03.2014

Nowcasting and forecasting economic growth in the euro area using principal components

Paper: 415, 19.02.2014

I just cannot get you out of my head: Regulatory capture of financial sector supervisors

Paper: 410, 05.02.2014

Utility-equivalence of pension security mechanisms

Paper: 414, 30.01.2014

The effect of the zero lower bound, forward guidance and unconventional monetary policy on interest rate sensitivity to economic news in Sweden

Paper: 413, 30.01.2014

It hurts (stock prices) when your team is about to lose a soccer match

Paper: 412, 30.01.2014

Adaptive learning and survey data

Paper: 411, 30.01.2014

Cash management and payment choices: A simulation model with international comparisons

Paper: 409, 14.01.2014

Cyclical changes in firm volatility

Paper: 408, 09.01.2014

Business cycle synchronization and vertical trade integration: A case study of the Eurozone and East Asia

Paper: 407, 09.01.2014

Identifying and dating systemic banking crises using incidence and size of bank failures

Paper: 406, 09.01.2014

When does the general public lose trust in banks?

Paper: 402, 30.12.2013

Tourist test or tourist trap? Unintended consequences of debit card interchange fee regulation

Paper: 405, 19.12.2013

Bank earnings management through loan loss provisions: a double-edged sword?

Paper: 404, 19.12.2013

Systematic tail risk

Paper: 400, 12.12.2013

On agricultural commodities' extreme price risk

Paper: 403, 02.12.2013

Competition in bank-provided payment services

Paper: 401, 19.11.2013

Are European sovereign bonds fairly priced? The role of modeling uncertainty

Paper: 399, 06.11.2013

Reactions of real yields and inflation expectations to forward guidance in the United States

Paper: 398, 06.11.2013

Identifying Banking Crises Using Money Market Pressure: New Evidence For a Large Set of Countries

Paper: 397, 30.10.2013

The Level Effect of Bank Lending Standards on Business Lending

Paper: 396, 15.10.2013

What drives consumer confidence in times of financial crises? Evidence for the Netherlands

Paper: 394, 10.10.2013

Effect of the zero lower bound on bond yield sensitivity to news in Canada in comparison with the UK and US

Paper: 395, 02.10.2013

Banks' Liquidity Buffers and the Role of Liquidity Regulation

Paper: 393, 18.09.2013

Finance as a Magnet for the Best and Brightest: Implications for the Real Economy

Paper: 392, 06.09.2013

The Absorption of Talent into Finance: Evidence from U.S. Banking Deregulation

Paper: 391, 06.09.2013

Effects of explicit FOMC policy rate guidance on equities and risk measures

Paper: 390, 06.09.2013

Measuring the effects of financial sector supervision

Paper: 388, 06.09.2013

Trust and Financial Crisis Experiences

Paper: 389, 03.09.2013

How bank business models drive interest margins: Evidence from U.S. bank-level data

Paper: 387, 15.08.2013

Corporate governance of banks: A survey

Paper: 386, 23.07.2013

Shocks Abroad, Pain at Home? Bank-Firm Level Evidence on the International Transmission of Financial Shocks

Paper: 385, 23.07.2013

Effects of explicit FOMC policy rate guidance on market interest rates

Paper: 384, 23.07.2013

Imperfect Competition and Optimal Taxation

Paper: 383, 11.07.2013

The impact of sovereign debt exposure on bank lending: Evidence from the European debt crisis

Paper: 382, 02.07.2013

Unconventional monetary policy of the ECB during the financial crisis: An assessment and new evidence

Paper: 381, 13.06.2013

Reform of the mortgage interest tax relief system, policy uncertainty and precautionary savings in the Netherlands

Paper: 380, 31.05.2013

Towards a Stable Monetary Union: What Role for Eurobonds?

Paper: 379, 31.05.2013

Systemic Risk Allocation for Systems with A Small Number of Banks

Paper: 378, 31.05.2013

Global liquidity as an early warning indicator of asset price booms: G5 versus broader measures

Paper: 377, 31.05.2013

Is there an optimal pension fund size? A scale-economy analysis of administrative and investment costs

Paper: 376, 31.05.2013

Migrants' Choice of Remittance Channel: Do General Payment Habits Play a Role?

Paper: 375, 31.05.2013

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