Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers 2009

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Title Author(s)

Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in the Netherlands

Paper: 231, 21.12.2009

When liquidity risk becomes a macro-prudential issue: Empirical evidence of bank behaviour

Paper: 230, 21.12.2009

Anchors for Inflation Expectations

Paper: 229, 21.12.2009

Stock Market Expectations of Dutch Households

Paper: 228, 21.12.2009

An institutional evaluation of pension funds and life insurance companies

Paper: 227, 08.12.2009

JEL: G11, G23

Communication in a monetary policy committee: a note

Paper: 226, 01.12.2009

JEL: D71, D78, E58

Assessing Competition with the Panzar-Rosse Model: The Role of Scale, Costs, and Equilibrium

Paper: 225, 01.12.2009

JEL: D40, L11

Being a Foreigner among Domestic Banks: Asset or Liability?

Paper: 224, 01.12.2009

JEL: F21, F23, G21

Pension funds┬┐ asset allocation and participant age: a test of the life-cycle model

Paper: 223, 01.11.2009

JEL: D91, G11, G23, H55, J14

Did the crisis affect inflation expectations?

Paper: 222, 01.10.2009

JEL: E31, E44, E52, E58

Regulatory Competition and Bank Risk Taking

Paper: 213, 01.08.2009

JEL: G21, G28

Dependence structure of risk factors and diversification effects

Paper: 219, 01.08.2009

JEL: C14, G11

Credit and economic recovery

Paper: 218, 01.08.2009

Measuring Stock Market Contagion with an Application to the Sub-prime Crisis

Paper: 217, 01.08.2009

JEL: C14, F36, G15

Subjective Measures of Risk Aversion, Fixed Costs, and Portfolio Choice

Paper: 216, 01.08.2009

An extended gravity model with substitution applied to international trade

Paper: 215, 01.08.2009

JEL: F1, R12

Fiscal policy in Central and Eastern Europe with real time data: Cyclicality, inertia and the role of EU accession

Paper: 214, 01.08.2009

JEL: E61, E62, H6

The communication policy of the European Central Bank: An overview of the first decade

Paper: 212, 01.07.2009

JEL: E44, E52, E58

Pension fund sophistication and investment policy

Paper: 211, 01.07.2009

JEL: G11, G23

Credit Frictions and the Comovement between Durable and Non-durable Consumption

Paper: 210, 01.07.2009

JEL: E44, E52

Human Capital and Employment Growth in German Metropolitan Areas: New Evidence

Paper: 209, 01.05.2009

JEL: C22, J2, O47, R0, R1

Monetary Transmission in three Central European Economies: Evidence from Time-Varying Coefficient Vector Autoregressions

Paper: 208, 01.05.2009

JEL: C32, E50

Forecasting Random Walks under Drift Instability

Paper: 207, 01.04.2009

JEL: C22, C53

The Volatility Curse: Revisiting the Paradox of Plenty

Paper: 206, 01.04.2009

JEL: C12, C21, C23, F43, G20, O11, O41, Q32

Can Open Capital Markets Help Avoid Currency Crises?

Paper: 205, 01.03.2009

JEL: C10, E44, F15, F36, F37

The comovement between household loans and real activity

Paper: 204, 01.03.2009

The 'Wisdom of the Crowds' and Public Policy

Paper: 203, 01.03.2009

JEL: D82, E52, E58

Forecasting the fragility of the banking and insurance sector

Paper: 202, 01.03.2009

JEL: C53, G21, G22

An Empirical assessment of reinsurance risk

Paper: 201, 01.03.2009

JEL: G20, G22

What Institutional Structure for the Lender of Last Resort?

Paper: 200, 01.03.2009

JEL: D82, G21, G28

Unification of the Fr├ęchet and Weibull Distribution

Paper: 198, 01.02.2009

JEL: C13

Consumer Choice and Merchant Acceptance of Payment Media

Paper: 197, 01.02.2009

JEL: D53, G21, L11

Incentives at the counter: An empirical analysis of surcharging card payment and payment behaviour in the Netherlands

Paper: 196, 01.02.2009

JEL: D12, D61, G20


Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and Urban Concentration: Unbundling Spatial Lags

Paper: 195, 01.02.2009

JEL: C31, F21, F23, F43, O47, R11


Simulations in the Dutch interbank payment system: A sensitivity analysis

Paper: 199, 01.02.2009

JEL: C88, E58, G21

Bank Competition Efficiency in Europe: A Frontier Approach

Paper: 194, 01.01.2009

JEL: C53, E41

Economics of Payment Cards: A Status Report

Paper: 193, 01.01.2009

JEL: D53, G21, L11

Confidence in Monetary Policy

Paper: 192, 01.01.2009

Did the anchor of inflation expectations in the euro area turn adrift?

Paper: 191, 01.01.2009

JEL: E44, E52, E58

Modelling Industry-level Corporate Credit Risk for the Netherlands

Paper: 190, 01.01.2009

Are Asset Returns Predictable from the National Accounts?

Paper: 189, 01.01.2009

JEL: E01, E21, E41

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