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Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Saving Behavior

Paper: 2018-02, 05.01.2018

JEL: D14, D31, E21, G11, J15

Labor Heterogeneity and the Pattern of Trade

Paper: 2018-01, 05.01.2018

JEL: F12, F14, F16, J82

Trade-offs between Inflation Targeting and Financial Stability Objectives: Drivers of Gains from Coordinating Monetary and Macroprudential Policies

Paper: 2017-22, 21.12.2017

JEL: E44, E52, E61, G28

Prudential Regulation, Currency Mismatches and Exchange Rates in Latin America and the Caribbean

Paper: 2017-21, 19.12.2017

JEL: E58, F31

Explaining Inflation with a Classical Dichotomy Model and Switching Monetary Regimes: Mexico 1932-2013

Paper: 2017-20, 09.12.2017

JEL: C32, E41, E42, E52

The Effect of Bank Credit and the Trade Patterns of Colombian Exporters

Paper: 2017-19, 19.10.2017

JEL: F14, G21

Are all types of capital flows driven by the same factors? Evidence from Mexico

Paper: 2017-18, 30.09.2017

JEL: F21, F32, F41, F47

Are daily financial data useful for forecasting GDP? Evidence from Mexico

Paper: 2017-17, 23.09.2017

JEL: C22, C53, E37

Early Warning Systems with Real-Time Data

Paper: 2017-16, 19.09.2017

JEL: C23, E47, E58, F31, G01

The International Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy Rates and QE: Credit Supply, Reach-for-Yield, and Real Effects

Paper: 2017-15, 07.09.2017

JEL: E52, E58, G01, G21, G28

Bank Credit Allocation and Sectorial Concentration in Mexico: Some Empirical Evidence

Paper: 2017-14, 23.08.2017

JEL: E51, J24, L13

Equivalence between input-output and value-added economies

Paper: 2017-13, 27.07.2017

JEL: C67, E10, E16

Identifying Dornbusch's Exchange Rate Overshooting with Structural VECs: Evidence from Mexico

Paper: 2017-11, 22.06.2017

JEL: C32, C51, E10, E17

Tight Money-Tight Credit: Coordination Failure in the Conduct of Monetary and Financial Policies

Paper: 2017-10, 22.06.2017

JEL: E44, E52, E58

Regional Input-Output Matrices, an Application to Manufacturing Exports in Mexico

Paper: 2017-09, 15.06.2017

JEL: R11, R12, R15

Variance Estimator in Complex Surveys using Linear Regression with Expansion Factor as Independent Variable

Paper: 2017-07, 15.06.2017

JEL: C80, C83

Mortgage Default in an Estimated Model of the U.S. Housing Market

Paper: 2017-06, 15.06.2017

JEL: C11, E44, G01, G21

Currency Mismatch in the Banking Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Paper: 2017-05, 25.04.2017

JEL: F30, G18, G21

Commodity Price Risk Management and Fiscal Policy in a Sovereign Default Model

Paper: 2017-04, 05.04.2017

JEL: F34, F41, F44

Notes to Understand Migration Policy with International Trade Theoretical Tools

Paper: 2017-03, 01.03.2017

JEL: D72, D78, F13, F22

Portfolio Investment Response to U.S. Monetary Policy Announcements: An Event Study Analysis Using High Frequency Data from Mexico

Paper: 2017-02, 25.02.2017

JEL: E4, E52, F21, F3, F62, G10

Labor market consequences of trade openness and competition in foreign markets

Paper: 2017-01, 25.02.2017

JEL: E24, F14, F16

Downward Wage Rigidities in the Mexican Labor Market 1996-2011

Paper: 2016-23, 23.12.2016

JEL: J30

Price-Setting in Mexico and the Real Effects of Monetary Shocks

Paper: 2016-21, 06.12.2016

JEL: E30, E31, E32

Changes in Inflation Predictability in Major Latin American Countries

Paper: 2016-20, 03.12.2016

JEL: C32, E41, E42, E52

Insurance Against Local Productivity Shocks: Evidence from Commuters in Mexico

Paper: 2016-19, 30.11.2016

JEL: F1, J6, O2, R1

Price Transmission in Food and Non-Food Product Markets: Evidence from Mexico

Paper: 2016-18, 01.11.2016

JEL: C25, D43, L11, L13

You, Me and the Mean: a Semiparametric Approach to the Redistributive Effects of Transfer Programs

Paper: 2016-16, 11.10.2016

JEL: C14, D31, H23, I38

Regulatory Entry Barriers, Rent-Shifting and the Home Market Effect

Paper: 2016-15, 09.09.2016

JEL: F13, F2

Two Models of FX Market Interventions: The Cases of Brazil and Mexico

Paper: 2016-14, 17.08.2016

JEL: E31, E52, F31

Price-Setting and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Mexican Economy: Evidence from CPI Micro Data

Paper: 2016-13, 09.08.2016

JEL: E31, F31, F41

Functional Systemic Risk, Complementarities and Early Warnings

Paper: 2016-12, 28.07.2016

JEL: G01, G10, G17, G18

Exchange Rate Risk Premium: An Analysis of its Determinants for the Mexican Peso-USD

Paper: 2016-11, 01.07.2016

JEL: C22, C53, C58, G10, G13

The Effect of Natural Gas Shortages on the Mexican Economy

Paper: 2016-10, 28.06.2016

JEL: D24, H40, O14

Informal Sector Misallocation

Paper: 2016-09, 17.06.2016

JEL: E26, L11, O11, O17, O40

The Rewards of Self-Discovery: Learning and Firm Exporter Dynamics

Paper: 2016-08, 14.06.2016

JEL: C15, D21, D22, D83, F12, F14, L11, L25

Income Instability and Fiscal Progression

Paper: 2016-07, 14.06.2016

JEL: H22, H53, J38

Risky Banks and Macroprudential Policy for Emerging Economies

Paper: 2016-06, 04.06.2016

Measuring and Understanding Trade in Service Tasks

Paper: 2016-05, 18.05.2016

JEL: F11, F16

A Functional Approach to Test Trending Volatility

Paper: 2016-04, 27.04.2016

JEL: C22, C51, E31, Q18

Unit Root Testing in ARMA Models: A Likelihood Ratio Approach

Paper: 2016-03, 27.04.2016

JEL: C22

Distributional Policy Effects with Many Treatment Outcomes

Paper: 2016-01, 30.01.2016

JEL: C24, C4, G01, G23, G28

Informality and Segmentation in the Mexican Labor Market

Paper: 2015-25, 05.12.2015

JEL: J42

Patterns of Total Factor Productivity Growth in Mexico: 1991-2011

Paper: 2015-24, 28.11.2015

JEL: N16, O10, O40, O43, O47

Key sectors in economic development: a perspective from input-output linkages and cross-sector misallocation

Paper: 2015-23, 28.11.2015

JEL: C67, O1, O41

The Blighted Youth: The Impact of Recessions and Policies on Life-Cycle Unemployment

Paper: 2015-22, 28.11.2015

JEL: E24, E32, J63, J64

On the pricing of defaultable bonds and Hitting times of Ito processes

Paper: 2015-21, 28.11.2015

JEL: C60, G00, G01

Sovereign Spreads in the Eurozone: Is Market Discipline Working?

Paper: 2015-20, 28.11.2015

JEL: F33, G12

How Robust Are SVARs at Measuring Monetary Policy in Small Open Economies?

Paper: 2015-18, 18.09.2015

JEL: C32, E52

The Impact of Food Price Shocks on Consumption and Nutritional Patterns of Urban Mexican Households

Paper: 2015-16, 22.08.2015

JEL: C31, D12, O12

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