Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Bank of Italy Occasional Papers

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Stress testing credit risk: a survey of authorities┬┐ approaches

Paper: 37, 01.01.2009

Remote processing of firm microdata at the Bank of Italy

Paper: 36, 01.01.2009

Emerging market spreads in the recent financial turmoil

Paper: 35, 01.12.2008

Broadband in Italy: an overview

Paper: 34, 01.11.2008

New policy challenges from financial integration and deepening in the emerging areas of Asia and Central and Eastern Europe

Paper: 33, 01.11.2008

The risk of home mortgages in Italy: evidence from one million contracts

Paper: 32, 01.11.2008

Technical efficiency of Italian public hospitals

Paper: 29, 01.10.2008

The Italian hospital system

Paper: 28, 01.10.2008

Demand and supply of hospital services. International trends

Paper: 27, 01.10.2008

The big players in Italian local public services. Constraints, opportunities and growth strategies

Paper: 26, 01.10.2008

Project finance in local public services: little finance and little project?

Paper: 25, 01.10.2008

Taxi and limousine services after the Bersani reform: an investigation on main Italian cities

Paper: 24, 01.10.2008

Water services in Italy: implementation of the reform and efficiency of providers

Paper: 23, 01.10.2008

The urban waste sector 11 years after the Ronchi decree

Paper: 22, 01.10.2008

Natural gas distribution in Italy: the implementation of the reform and its effects

Paper: 21, 01.10.2008

Regulation and efficiency in Italian local public transport: the regional differences

Paper: 20, 01.10.2008

Regulation and competition on local public utilities

Paper: 19, 01.10.2008

The regulatory reforms in Italian local public services: an overview and some lessons for the future

Paper: 18, 01.10.2008

Prices of residential property in Italy: constructing a new indicator

Paper: 17, 01.09.2008

How to interpret the CPIS data on the distribution of foreign portfolio assets in the presence of sizeable cross-border positions in mutual funds. Evidence for Italy and the main euro-area countries

Paper: 16, 01.09.2008

The Italian public finances in the period 1998-2007: Temporary factors, medium-term trends and discretionary measures

Paper: 15, 01.08.2008

Learning divides across the Italian regions: Some evidence from national and international surveys

Paper: 14, 01.07.2008

The Italian mortgage market: Characteristics, evolution and regional differences. Evidence from a bank survey

Paper: 13, 01.07.2008

Lending organizational structure and the use of credit scoring: evidence from a survey on Italian banks

Paper: 12, 01.05.2008

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