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Basel 2.5: potential benefits and unintended consequences

Paper: 159, 23.04.2013

JEL: G18, G21, G28

Looking ahead to Basel 3: Italian banks on the move

Paper: 157, 23.04.2013

JEL: G21, G28

The portfolio allocation strategies of sovereign wealth funds and the financial crisis

Paper: 156, 10.04.2013

Does financial education at school work? Evidence from Italy

Paper: 155, 10.04.2013

Getting organized to lend in a period of crisis: findings from a survey of Italian banks

Paper: 154, 10.04.2013

Exports from the European regions during the crisis and in the long run

Paper: 153, 07.03.2013

Connect them where it hurts. The missing piece of the puzzle

Paper: 151, 07.03.2013

Traditional industrial districts in the face of globalization: the case of the Marche footwear district

Paper: 150, 07.03.2013

Household over-indebtedness: definition and measurement with Italian data

Paper: 149, 07.03.2013

Italian households' saving and wealth during the crisis

Paper: 148, 07.03.2013

Italian households' opinions on the difficulty of saving

Paper: 147, 07.03.2013

The housing wealth of Italian households: a comparison of administrative and survey data

Paper: 146, 31.01.2013

The Eurosystem's monetary, banking and financial statistics: some reflections on results and future steps

Paper: 145, 31.01.2013

Why are payment habits so heterogeneous across and within countries? Evidence from European countries and Italian regions

Paper: 144, 31.01.2013

You never give me your money? Sovereign debt crises, collective action problems, and IMF lending

Paper: 143, 31.01.2013

Cyclically adjusted local government balances

Paper: 142, 09.01.2013

Monetary policy and fiscal dominance in Italy from the early 1970s to the adoption of the euro: a review

Paper: 141, 14.12.2012

JEL: E52, E58, E61, E65

Macroprudential, microprudential and monetary policies: conflicts, complementarities and trade-offs

Paper: 140, 16.11.2012

Italian nonfinancial firms and derivatives

Paper: 139, 09.11.2012

The new balance of payments and international investment position statistics: methodology and results

Paper: 138, 09.11.2012

Recent trends in long-term bank funding

Paper: 137, 09.11.2012

Determinants of TARGET2 imbalances

Paper: 136, 08.11.2012

Banks' balance sheets and the macroeconomy in the Bank of Italy Quarterly Model

Paper: 135, 08.11.2012

Italian household debt after the 2008 crisis

Paper: 134, 08.11.2012

The impact of the sovereign debt crisis on the activity of Italian banks

Paper: 133, 24.09.2012

Inside the labyrinth of Basel risk-weighted assets: how not to get lost

Paper: 132, 24.09.2012

In search of lost capital: an estimation of undeclared portfolio assets

Paper: 131, 24.09.2012

A primer on R&D cooperation among firms

Paper: 130, 24.09.2012

Italian real estate investment funds: market structure and risk measurement

Paper: 120, 11.05.2012

JEL: C15, G10

Are firms exporting to China and India different from other exporters?

Paper: 112, 09.03.2012

JEL: F10, L20, M20

Access to credit in times of crisis: measures to support firms and households

Paper: 111, 03.02.2012

Starting a business in Italy: recent reforms to cut time and costs

Paper: 110, 16.12.2011

The protection of industrial inventions: analysis of the regulation and evaluation of policies

Paper: 109, 16.12.2011

Organised vat fraud: features, magnitude, policy perspectives

Paper: 106, 16.12.2011

Mutual guarantee institutions and small business credit during the crisis

Paper: 105, 16.12.2011

Is your money safe? What Italians know about deposit insurance

Paper: 104, 16.12.2011

Is there a role for funding in explaining recent US bank failures?

Paper: 103, 16.12.2011

Unconventional monetary policy in theory and in practice?

Paper: 102, 16.12.2011

Does aid buy votes?

Paper: 101, 16.12.2011

Extreme value theory for finance: a survey

Paper: 99, 29.07.2011

The Italian private equity funds: an analysis of the portfolio companies' economic and financial conditions

Paper: 98, 29.07.2011

Finding lost capital: an estimate of undeclared assets held abroad by Italians

Paper: 97, 29.07.2011

Financial inclusion - G20 initiatives and the role of the Bank of Italy

Paper: 96, 29.07.2011

The impact of the financial crisis on inter-bank funding: evidence from Italian balance sheet data

Paper: 95, 29.07.2011

Wage setting and adjustment by Italian firms: any difference during the crisis? A survey-based analysis

Paper: 94, 17.06.2011

Economic and financial conditions of households in Lombardy

Paper: 93, 17.06.2011

Small claims litigation in Italy.

Paper: 92, 10.05.2011

Siting public facilities: a theoretical and empirical analysis of the Nimby syndrome in Italy.

Paper: 91, 10.05.2011

Quality differentials in Italian Universities' freshmen: the case of Medical and Dental Surgery schools.

Paper: 90, 10.05.2011

Macroeconomic determinants of bad loans: evidence from Italian banks

Paper: 89, 08.04.2011

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