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Follow the value added: bilateral gross export accounting

Paper: 1026, 21.07.2015

JEL: E16, F1, F14, F15

Tail comovement in option-implied inflation expectations as an indicator of anchoring

Paper: 1025, 21.07.2015

JEL: C14, C58, E31, E44, G13

Accessorizing. The effect of union contract renewals on consumption

Paper: 1024, 21.07.2015

JEL: D12, E21, J51

Understanding policy rates at the zero lower bound: insights from a Bayesian shadow rate model

Paper: 1023, 21.07.2015

JEL: C32, E43, G12

Testing information diffusion in the decentralized unsecured market for euro funds

Paper: 1022, 15.07.2015

JEL: C21, D40, E40, E52, G21

Decomposing euro area sovereign spreads: credit, liquidity and convenience

Paper: 1021, 15.07.2015

JEL: G12

Forecaster heterogeneity, surprises and financial markets

Paper: 1020, 15.07.2015

JEL: E44, E52, F31, G14

Why is inflation so low in the euro area?

Paper: 1019, 15.07.2015

JEL: C32, E31, E32, E52

Statistical matching and uncertainty analysis in combining household income and expenditure data

Paper: 1018, 15.07.2015

JEL: C14, C15

A note on social capital, space and growth in Europe

Paper: 1017, 15.07.2015

JEL: A13, N13, O10

Short term inflation forecasting: the M.E.T.A. approach

Paper: 1016, 11.06.2015

JEL: C32, C53, E31, E37

Inflation, financial conditions and non-standard monetary policy in a monetary union. A model-based evaluation

Paper: 1015, 11.06.2015

JEL: E43, E44, E52, E58

Women as 'gold dust': gender diversity in top boards and the performance of Italian banks

Paper: 1014, 11.06.2015

JEL: G21, G34, J16

Bankruptcy law and bank financing

Paper: 1013, 04.06.2015

JEL: G33, K22

Sovereign debt and reserves with liquidity and productivity crises

Paper: 1012, 04.06.2015

JEL: F34, F40, G15, H63

Foreign direct investment and firm performance: an empirical analysis of Italian firms

Paper: 1011, 04.06.2015

JEL: C25, D24, F23

Every cloud has a silver lining. The sovereign crisis and Italian potential output

Paper: 1010, 04.06.2015

JEL: C51, E31, E52

Social capital and the cost of credit: evidence from a crisis

Paper: 1009, 22.04.2015

JEL: A13, G01, G2

Rethinking the crime reducing effect of education? Mechanisms and evidence from regional divides

Paper: 1008, 22.04.2015

JEL: I20, I28, J13, K42

Macroeconomic effects of simultaneous implementation of reforms after the crisis

Paper: 0997, 13.04.2015

JEL: C51, E30, E63

Current account "Core-periphery dualism" in the EMU

Paper: 0996, 13.04.2015

JEL: F36, F43

Dynasties in professions: the role of rents

Paper: 0995, 13.04.2015

JEL: J44, J62

Trade liberalizations and domestic suppliers: evidence from Chile

Paper: 0994, 13.04.2015

JEL: D21, F12, L60

How much of bank credit risk is sovereign risk? Evidence from the Eurozone

Paper: 0990, 13.04.2015

JEL: F34, G12, G15

Ownership networks and aggregate volatility

Paper: 1004, 13.04.2015

JEL: C68, D58, E32

How does foreign demand activate domestic value added? A comparison among the largest euro-area economies

Paper: 1001, 13.04.2015

JEL: F14, F15

Sectoral differences in managers' compensation: insights from a matching model

Paper: 1000, 13.04.2015

JEL: C73, D31, J63, J64

Looking behind mortgage delinquencies

Paper: 0999, 13.04.2015

JEL: D12, E51, G01, G21

Changing labour market opportunities for young people in Italy and the role of the family of origin

Paper: 0998, 13.04.2015

JEL: D6, J2

Optimal monetary policy rules and house prices: the role of financial frictions

Paper: 993, 19.11.2014

JEL: E20, E44, E52

Informed trading and stock market efficiency.

Paper: 992, 19.11.2014

JEL: D53, D82, G14

The scapegoat theory of the exchange rates: the first tests

Paper: 991, 19.11.2014

JEL: F34, G12, G15

The determinants of household debt: a cross-country analysis

Paper: 989, 19.11.2014

JEL: E21, G21, P5

The interest-rate sensitivity of the demand for sovereign debt. evidence from OECD countries (1995-2011)

Paper: 988, 19.11.2014

JEL: E43, G12, H63

Large banks, loan rate markup and monetary policy

Paper: 987, 19.11.2014

JEL: E51, E52, G21

An estimated DSGE model with search and matching frictions in the credit market

Paper: 986, 19.11.2014

JEL: C78, E13, E43, E44

Dif-in-dif estimators of multiplicative treatment effects

Paper: 985, 19.11.2014

Natural expectations and home equity extraction

Paper: 984, 19.11.2014

JEL: D84, E31, E32, E44

Science and technology parks in Italy: main features and analysis of their effects on the firms hosted

Paper: 983, 19.11.2014

JEL: C31, L25, O31

Informational effects of monetary policy

Paper: 0982, 19.11.2014

JEL: D83, E52, E58

Sharing information on lending decisions: an empirical assessment

Paper: 0980, 19.11.2014

JEL: E51, G21, G28

Quantile aggregation of density forecasts

Paper: 0979, 19.11.2014

JEL: C53, E17

Does issuing equities help R&D activity? Evidence from unlisted Italian high-tech manufacturing firms

Paper: 0978, 19.11.2014

JEL: G21, G31, O31, O32

Financial indicators and density forecasts for US output and inflation

Paper: 0977, 19.11.2014

JEL: C53, E32, E44, G01

Multidimensional poverty and inequality

Paper: 976, 13.10.2014

JEL: D3, D63, I30, I32

Hedonic value of Italian tourism supply: comparing environmental and cultural attractiveness

Paper: 975, 13.10.2014

JEL: L83, Q53, R11, Z11

Identification and estimation of outcome response with heterogeneous treatment externalities

Paper: 974, 13.10.2014

JEL: C13, C21, D62

Inequality and trust: new evidence from panel data

Paper: 973, 13.10.2014

JEL: D31, O15, Z13

Are Sovereign Wealth Funds contrarian investors?

Paper: 972, 13.10.2014

JEL: F21, F65, G01, G15, G23, G34

Random switching exponential smoothing and inventory forecasting

Paper: 971, 13.10.2014

JEL: C22, C53

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