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Venture Capital Funds and Post-IPO Performance in Booms and Busts: Evidence from Israeli IPOs in the US in the 1990s

Paper: dp0312, 01.10.2003

JEL: G20, G30

Restricting Capital Outflow - The Political Economy Perspective

Paper: dp0310, 01.09.2003

The Real Exchange Rate and the Balassa-Samuelson Hypothesis: An Appraisal of Israel's Case Since 1986

Paper: dp0309, 01.09.2003

Public Debt in a Long Term Discretionary Model

Paper: dp0307, 01.08.2003

The State-of-The-Economy Index and The probability of Recession: The Markov Regime-Switching Model

Paper: dp0305, 01.08.2003

Is it labor, technology or monetary policy? The Israeli economy 1989-2002

Paper: dp0302, 01.06.2003

Rules versus Discretion - A Disinflation Case

Paper: dp0209, 01.03.2003

The NAIRU in Israel: an Unobserved Components Approach

Paper: dp0208, 01.01.2003

Investment under Productivity Uncertainty

Paper: dp0207, 01.12.2002

JEL: C33, D80, E22, L60, O47

The Money-Injection Function of the Bank of Israel and the Inflation Process

Paper: dp0204, 01.08.2002

The Determinants of Israel's Cost of Capital: Globalization, Reforms and Politics

Paper: dp0203, 01.06.2002

On the Dark Side of Welfare: Estimation of Welfare Recipients Labor Supply and Fraud

Paper: dp0112, 01.01.2002

Cyclical Ratcheting in Government Sp ending: Evidence from the OECD

Paper: dp0109, 01.10.2001

Generational Conflict? Some Cross-Country Evidence

Paper: dp0106, 01.07.2001

The Determination of Real Wages in the Long Run and its Changes in the Short Run - Evidence from Israel: 1968-1998

Paper: dp0104, 01.05.2001

Tight Money and Central Bank Intervention (A selective analytical survey)

Paper: dp0103, 01.05.2001

Monetary Transmission in an Open Economy: The Differential Impact on Exporting and Non-Exporting Firms

Paper: dp0101, 01.05.2001

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