Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Reserve Bank of Australia Research Discussion Papers 2014

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Title Author(s)

The Evolution of Payment Costs in Australia

Paper: RDP2014-14, 03.12.2014

JEL: E4, G2, L2

Mortgage-related Financial Difficulties: Evidence from Australian Micro-level Data

Paper: RDP2014-13, 25.11.2014

JEL: G21, R29, R31

A State-space Approach to Australian GDP Measurement

Paper: RDP2014-12, 28.10.2014

JEL: E01, E32

Exchange Rate Movements and the Australian Economy

Paper: RDP2014-11, 26.09.2014

JEL: C32, F31, F41

Financial Reform in Australia and China

Paper: RDP2014-10, 11.09.2014

JEL: E44, G18, O53, O56

Predicting Dwelling Prices with Consideration of the Sales Mechanism

Paper: RDP 2014-09, 10.09.2014

JEL: D44, R31

The Effect of the Mining Boom on the Australian Economy

Paper: RDP2014-08, 22.08.2014

JEL: E17, Q33

International Trade Costs, Global Supply Chains and Value-added Trade in Australia

Paper: RDP2014-07, 11.08.2014

JEL: D57, E01, F12, F60, L16, L23

Is Housing Overvalued?

Paper: RDP2014-06, 14.07.2014

JEL: R00, R21

The Changing Way We Pay: Trends in Consumer Payments

Paper: RDP2014-05, 04.06.2014

JEL: D12, D14, E42

Home Price Beliefs in Australia

Paper: RDP2014-04, 19.05.2014

JEL: C33, D8, E21, G11, G12

Household Saving in Australia

Paper: RDP2014-03, 16.04.2014

JEL: D14, E21

Fiscal Policy and the Inflation Target

Paper: RDP2014-02, 04.04.2014

JEL: E52, E62

Macroeconomic Consequences of Terms of Trade Episodes, Past and Present

Paper: RDP2014-01, 21.01.2014

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