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Monetary stance and policy objectives in China: a narrative approachChang Shu and Brian Ng

Paper: 201001, 19.09.2011

The Potential of the Renminbi as an International Currency

Paper: 200707, 03.04.2008

Price convergence between dual-listed A and H shares

Paper: 200706, 07.01.2008

Recent Reforms and Progress in Rural Development in Mainland China

Paper: 200705, 11.09.2007

Why A-share market volatility is high?

Paper: 200704, 01.08.2007

Impact of the Renminbi Exchange Rate on Asian Currencies

Paper: 200703, 01.08.2007

China's Urban Commercial Banks: Recent Development and Profitability Analysis (Chinese version with English abstract)

Paper: 200702, 01.08.2007

Commodity Futures Market in Mainland China: Recent Developments and Issues

Paper: 200606, 01.04.2007

Renminbi Derivatives: Recent Development and Issues

Paper: 200605, 01.04.2007

Estimating a Benchmark Term Structure of Interest Rates for Mainland China

Paper: 200604, 01.04.2007

Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on the Mainland Economy

Paper: 200603, 01.04.2007

Interest Rate Structure and Monetary Policy Implementation in Mainland China

Paper: 200601, 01.04.2007

Papers by year: All | 2011 | 2008 | 2007