Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers 2009

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Title Author(s)

Bank capital regulation, the lending channel and business cycles

Paper: 200933, 29.12.2009

Who is afraid of political risk? Multinational firms and their choice of capital structure

Paper: 200902, 15.12.2009

Spillover effects of minimum wages in a two-sector search model

Paper: 200901, 15.12.2009

Are oil price forecasters finally right? Regressive expectations toward more fundamental values of the oil price

Paper: 200932, 08.12.2009

JEL: C33, D84, F31

A solution to the problem of too many instruments in dynamic panel data GMM

Paper: 200931, 06.11.2009

JEL: C13, C15, C23, C81

Unemployment insurance and the business cycle: Prolong benefit entitlements in bad times?

Paper: 200930, 02.11.2009

Financial constraints and the margins of FDI

Paper: 200929, 09.10.2009

JEL: F2, G2

Efficient estimation of forecast uncertainty based on recent forecast errors

Paper: 200928, 06.10.2009

JEL: C13, C32, C53

Coin migration within the euro area

Paper: 200927, 29.09.2009

JEL: C61, E41

Supply-side effects of strong energy price hikes in German industry and transportation

Paper: 200926, 15.09.2009

Price discovery on traded inflation expectations: Does the financial crisis matter?

Paper: 200925, 07.09.2009

The debt brake: business cycle and welfare consequences of Germany¿s new fiscal policy rule

Paper: 200924, 28.08.2009

More or less aggressive? Robust monetary policy in a New Keynesian model with financial distress

Paper: 200923, 26.08.2009

Do we really know that flexible exchange rates facilitate current account adjustment? Some new empirical evidence for CEE countries

Paper: 200922, 24.08.2009

Transmission of nominal exchange rate changes to export prices and trade flows and implications for exchange rate policy

Paper: 200921, 11.08.2009

JEL: F14, F31, F41

Export-supporting FDI

Paper: 200920, 10.08.2009

Does lowering dividend tax rates increase dividends repatriated? Evidence of intra-firm cross-border dividend repatriation policies by German multinational enterprises

Paper: 200919, 04.08.2009

JEL: G35, H25

Money and monetary policy transmission in the euro area: evidence from FAVAR- and VAR approaches

Paper: 200918, 17.07.2009

JEL: C32, E40, E52

The cross-section of firms over the business cycle: new facts and a DSGE exploration

Paper: 200917, 14.07.2009

JEL: E20, E22, E30, E32

The effects of knowledge management on innovative success - an empirical analysis of German firms

Paper: 200916, 13.07.2009

JEL: L23, L25, M11, O32

Firm-specific productivity risk over the business cycle: facts and aggregate implications

Paper: 200915, 10.07.2009

JEL: E20, E22, E30, E32

Changes in import pricing behaviour: the case of Germany

Paper: 200914, 16.06.2009

JEL: C22, F41

Financial intermediation and the role of price discrimination in a two-tier market

Paper: 200913, 22.05.2009

JEL: F31

Opting out of the great inflation: German monetary policy after the breakdown of Bretton Woods

Paper: 200912, 19.05.2009

JEL: E31, E32, E41, E52, E58

Forecasting national activity using lots of international predictors: an application to New Zealand

Paper: 200911, 05.05.2009

JEL: C33, C53, F47

Factor forecasting using international targeted predictors:the case of German GDP

Paper: 200910, 04.05.2009

JEL: C53, E27, F47

Knowledge sourcing: legitimacy deficits for MNC subsidiaries?

Paper: 200909, 09.04.2009

JEL: D83, F23, O31, O32

Time-dependent pricing and New Keynesian Phillips curve

Paper: 200908, 23.03.2009

MIDAS versus mixed-frequency VAR: nowcasting GDP in the euro area

Paper: 200907, 20.03.2009

JEL: C53, E37

Price convergence in the EMU? Evidence from micro data

Paper: 200906, 17.03.2009

JEL: C23, E31, F31, F36, L68

Testing for structural breaks in dynamic factor models

Paper: 200905, 16.03.2009

JEL: C01, C12, C3

Fiscal sustainability and policy implications for the euro area

Paper: 200904, 10.03.2009

JEL: H55, H60

Pooling versus model selection for nowcasting with many predictors: an application to German GDP

Paper: 200903, 05.03.2009

JEL: C53, E37

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