Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Bank of France Working Papers

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Title Author(s)

Declining Valuations and Equilibrium Bidding Central Bank Refinancing Operations

Paper: Nr 151, 24.08.2006

JEL: D44, E52

Monetary Policy Inertia or Persistent Shocks?

Paper: Nr 150, 25.07.2006

JEL: C52, E31, E32, E52

Financial (Dis)Integration

Paper: Nr 149, 22.07.2006

JEL: D82, E44, F36, G15, G21, O16

How Well Does a Small Structural Model with Sticky Prices and Wages Fit Postwar U.S. Data?

Paper: Nr 148, 13.07.2006

JEL: C52, E31, E32

Estimating Potential Output with a Production Function for France, Germany and Italy.

Paper: Nr 146, 03.07.2006

JEL: C51, E32, O11, O47

Assessing Aggregate Comovements in France, Germany and Italy. Using a Non Stationary Factor Model of the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 145, 12.06.2006

JEL: C12, C22

Are Business and Credit Cycles Converging or Diverging? A comparison of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 144, 17.05.2006

JEL: E23, E32, E44, E51, P00

Term Structure Anomalies: Term Premium or Peso problem?

Paper: Nr 143, 17.05.2006

JEL: C22, E43, E52

Optimal Monetary Policy in an Estimated DSGE Model of the Euro Area with Cross-country Heterogeneity

Paper: Nr 141, 05.05.2006

JEL: C51, E52, F41

Is the Inflation-Output Nexus Asymmetric in the Euro Area?

Paper: Nr 140, 28.04.2006

Illiquidity, Financial Development and the Growth-Volatility Relationship

Paper: Nr 139, 30.03.2006

JEL: E44, G30, O16

Sticky Prices in the Euro Area: A Summary of New Micro Evidence

Paper: Nr 138, 05.01.2006

Heterogeneity in Consumer Price Stickiness: A Microeconometric Investigation

Paper: Nr 137, 05.01.2006

Price Setting in the Euro Area: Some Stylized Facts from Individual Consumer Price Data

Paper: Nr 136, 01.12.2005

The Pricing Behaviour of Firms in the Euro Area: New Survey Evidence

Paper: Nr 135, 01.12.2005

The Fed and the Question of Financial Stability: An Empirical Investigation

Paper: Nr 134, 01.11.2005

A comparison of Structural Productivity Levels in the Major Industrialised Countries

Paper: Nr 133, 01.11.2005

Opportunity Costs of Having a Child, Financial Constraints and Fertility

Paper: Nr 130, 01.09.2005

Central Bank Reputation in a Forward-Looking Model

Paper: Nr 127, 01.07.2005

Technology Shocks and Monetary Policy in an Estimated Sticky Price Model of the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 126, 01.07.2005

Can the Kydland--Prescott Model Pass the Cogley--Nason Test?

Paper: Nr 125, 01.07.2005

Technology Shock and Employment: Do We Really Need DSGE Models with a Fall in Hours?

Paper: Nr 124, 01.07.2005

Technology Shocks and Monetary Policy in an Estimated Sticky Price Model of the US Economy

Paper: Nr 123, 01.05.2005

Price Setting in France: new Evidence from Survey Data

Paper: Nr 120, 04.02.2005

Pension Schemes and Falling Birth-rates: Change in Customs or Microeconomic Optimization?

Paper: Nr 119, 04.02.2005

Partial Indexation, Trend Inflation, and the Hybrid Phillips Curve

Paper: Nr 118, 04.02.2005

Break in the Mean and Persistence of Inflation: a Sectoral Analysis of French CPI

Paper: Nr 122, 01.02.2005

Interactions between Business Cycles, stock Market Cycles and Interest Rates: the Stylised Facts

Paper: Nr 121, 01.02.2005

The Taylor Rule and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 117, 23.11.2004

Investment in Information and Communication Technologies: an Empirical Analysis

Paper: Nr 116, 23.11.2004

A Time-Varying Natural Rate for the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 115, 09.10.2004

Inflation and the Markup in the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 114, 09.10.2004

Price Rigidity. Evidence from the French CPI Macro-Data

Paper: Nr 113, 09.10.2004

ICT Diffusion and Potential Output Growth

Paper: Nr 112, 15.06.2004

The Breaks in per Capita Productivity Trends in a Number of Industrial Countries

Paper: Nr 111, 15.06.2004

Determinants of Productivity per Employee: an Empirical Estimation Using Panel Data

Paper: Nr 110, 15.06.2004

Price Stability and The ECB's Monetary Policy Strategy

Paper: Nr 109, 04.06.2004

Optimal Portfolio Allocation Under Higher Moments

Paper: Nr 108, 02.06.2004

The Bank Bias: Segmentation of French Fund Families

Paper: Nr 107, 02.06.2004

Model for Analysing and forecasting short term developments

Paper: Nr 106, 02.06.2004

Incorporating Labour Market Frictions into an Optimising-Based Monetary Policy Model

Paper: Nr 105, 02.06.2004

Evaluating the Fit of Sticky Price Models

Paper: Nr 104, 02.06.2004

ML vs GMM Estimates of Hybrid Macroeconomic Models (With an Application to the New Phillips Curve)

Paper: Nr 103, 02.06.2004

Forecasting Inflation in the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 102, 02.06.2004

Forecasting Inflation using Economic Indicators: the Case of France

Paper: Nr 101, 02.06.2004

The Challenges of the "New Economy" for Monetary Policy

Paper: Nr 100, 02.06.2004

Firm Investment and Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 097, 02.06.2004

Investment, the Cost of Capital and Monetary Policy in the Nineties in France: A Panel Data Investigation

Paper: Nr 096, 02.06.2004

What is the Best Approach to Measure the Interdependence between Different Markets?

Paper: Nr 095, 02.06.2004

Financial Systems and the Role of Banks in Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 093, 02.06.2004

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