Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Bank of France Working Papers 2008

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Title Author(s)

Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Corporate Financial Fragility

Paper: Nr 226, 29.12.2008

JEL: C41, D21, E32, G33

Fiscal sustainability and policy implications for the euro area

Paper: Nr 225, 23.12.2008

JEL: H55, H60

Business surveys modelling with Seasonal-Cyclical Long Memory models

Paper: Nr 224, 09.10.2008

JEL: C22, C53, E32

Econometric Asset Pricing Modelling

Paper: Nr 223, 02.10.2008

Monthly forecasting of French GDP: A revised version of the OPTIM model.

Paper: Nr 222, 02.10.2008

On the Role of a Stock Market: A Study of France, Germany, and thez Euro Area

Paper: Nr 221, 31.07.2008

JEL: E3, E5, G2

Macroeconomic Surprises and the Inflation Compensation Curve in the Euro Area

Paper: Nr 220, 30.07.2008

JEL: E31, E44, E58

A Two-Pillar DSGE Monetary Policy Model for the Euro Area.

Paper: Nr 219, 17.07.2008

JEL: E52, E58

Long term vs. short term comovements in stock markets: the use of Markov-switching multifractal models.

Paper: Nr 218, 10.07.2008

JEL: C32, F36, G15

Portfolio and financing adjustments for U.S.Banks: some empirical evidence

Paper: Nr 217, 09.07.2008

JEL: E3, G2, L2

Restaurant Prices and the Minimum Wage

Paper: Nr 216, 04.07.2008

JEL: D43, E31, L11

Short-term forecasting of GDP using large monthly datasets: a pseudo real-time forecast evaluation exercise.

Paper: Nr 215, 03.07.2008

Dynamic voluntary contributions to a discrete public good: Experimental evidence.

Paper: Nr 214, 02.07.2008

JEL: C92, H41

Revisiting the Decline in the Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Further Evidence from Developing Countries.

Paper: Nr 213, 02.07.2008

JEL: C20, F21, F30

Domestic Savings and Foreign Capital: the Complementarity Channel

Paper: Nr 212, 23.04.2008

JEL: D82, E44, F36, G15, G21, O16

Sticky Wages. Evidence from Quarterly Microeconomic Data

Paper: Nr 208, 16.04.2008

JEL: E24, J3

Assessing the shape of the distribution of interest rates: lessons from French individual data

Paper: Nr 206, 10.04.2008

JEL: C24, C52, E43

Total factor productivity and the decision to serve foreign markets: Firm level evidence from France.

Paper: Nr 205, 03.04.2008

JEL: F1, O4

Access to new imported varieties and total factor productivity: Firm level evidence from France.

Paper: Nr 204, 03.04.2008

JEL: F1, O4

Stress Testing and Corporate Finance

Paper: Nr 203, 19.03.2008

JEL: C33, E44, G3

Financing Constraints and a Firm's Decision and Ability to Innovate: Establishing Direct and Reverse Effects

Paper: Nr 202, 28.02.2008

JEL: C15, C51, C52

Welfare Implications of Heterogeneous Labor Markets in a Currency Area

Paper: Nr 199, 18.02.2008

JEL: C3, C5

Credit Constraints and the Cyclicality of R&D Investment: Evidence from France

Paper: Nr 198, 18.02.2008

JEL: E22, E32, O16, O30, O32

Competition, R&D, and the Cost of Innovation.

Paper: Nr 197, 14.02.2008

JEL: L51, O31

On policy interactions among nations: when do cooperation and commitment matter ?

Paper: Nr 196, 23.01.2008

JEL: E52, E63

Some Preliminary Evidence on the Globalization-Inflation Nexus

Paper: Nr 195, 23.01.2008

JEL: C22, E31, F41

An Inflation Forecasting Model For The Euro Area.

Paper: Nr 192, 10.01.2008

JEL: C52, C53, E37

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