Central bank research hub - Series: Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers

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by Francis Osei-Tutu and Laurent Weill

Paper: 9/2020, 01.04.2020

JEL: G21, Z13

by Steven Nafziger and Amanda Gregg

Paper: 7/2020, 08.03.2020

JEL: G32, N23, N63

by Ryan Banerjee , Boris Hofmann and Aaron N. Mehrotra

Paper: 6/2020, 27.02.2020

JEL: E22, F31, F41, O16

by Weijia Li , Gérard Roland and Yang Xie

Paper: 5/2020, 25.02.2020

JEL: D02, D73, H12

by Fabrice Orlandi and Risto Herrala

Paper: 4/2020, 12.02.2020

JEL: C2, F15

by Mariya Hake and Philipp Poyntner

Paper: 3/2020, 11.02.2020

JEL: D1, D3, G0

by Karlo Kauko

Paper: 2/2020, 05.02.2020

JEL: G21, O53

by Chang Ma , John Rogers and Sili Zhou

Paper: 1/2020, 03.02.2020

JEL: E40, E52, F38, G15

by Karlo Kauko

Paper: 25/2019, 19.12.2019

JEL: C46, G21

by Gayane Barseghyan

Paper: 24/2019, 09.12.2019

JEL: C33, F51, O50

by Xiang Li , Michael Funke and Andrew Tsang

Paper: 23/2019, 05.12.2019

JEL: C22, E43, E52, G23

by Oleksandr Talavera , Mustafa Caglayan and Wei Zhang

Paper: 22/2019, 14.11.2019

JEL: G21, G40, G41

by Eeva Kerola , Zuzana Fungáčová and Laurent Weill

Paper: 21/2019, 25.10.2019

JEL: G21, O16

by Richhild Moessner , Aaron N. Mehrotra and Chang Shu

Paper: 20/2019, 16.10.2019

JEL: E43, E52, F42, F65

by Le Xia and Ke Song

Paper: 19/2019, 20.09.2019

JEL: F33, F36, F42

by Iftekhar Hasan , Sris Chatterjee , Xian Gu and Haitian Lu

Paper: 18/2019, 19.09.2019

JEL: G12, G18, G32, G34

by Heli Simola

Paper: 17/2019, 06.09.2019

JEL: C67, F14, F43

by Yiping Huang , Xiang Li and Chu Wang

Paper: 16/2019, 29.08.2019

JEL: E52, G23

by Riikka Nuutilainen and Max Breitenlechner

Paper: 15/2019, 09.08.2019

JEL: C32, E44, E52

by Haiyue Yu , Shulong Kang and Jin Cao

Paper: 14/2019, 30.07.2019

JEL: C24, J13, J22

by Mikhail Mamonov and Anna Pestova

Paper: 13/2019, 29.07.2019

JEL: C51, E37, E44, F34

by Abel François , Sophie Panel and Laurent Weill

Paper: 12/2019, 08.07.2019

JEL: F21, F23

by Gerard Roland and David Y. Yang

Paper: 11, 04.07.2019

JEL: I23, O53, P26, P48, Z1

by Alexei Karas , William Pyle and Koen Schoors

Paper: 10/2019, 27.06.2019

JEL: E65, G21, G28, P34

by Hamza Bennani

Paper: 9/2019, 25.04.2019

JEL: E52, E58

by Michael Funke and Andrew Tsang

Paper: 8/2019, 24.04.2019

JEL: C54, E32, E52, E58, E61

by Ning Cai , Jinlu Feng , Yong Liu , Hong Ru and Endong Yang

Paper: 7/2019, 23.04.2019

JEL: E51, F30, G21, G28

by Alexander Kostrov and Mikhail Mamonov

Paper: 6/2019, 03.04.2019

JEL: C34, G21, G33

by Lev Ratnovski , Sophia Chen and Pi-Han Tsai

Paper: 5/2019, 28.02.2019

JEL: E63, G21, H20, R12

by Yuping Deng , Helian Xu and Yanrui Wu

Paper: 4/2019, 27.02.2019

JEL: L20, O12, Q51

by Shi He and Yin-Wong Cheung

Paper: 3/2019, 22.02.2019

JEL: C83, F31, F41

by Lucy Chernykh , Jukka Sihvonen and Denis Davydov

Paper: 2/2019, 19.02.2019

JEL: D14, G21

by Çağatay Bircan and Orkun Saka

Paper: 1/2019, 21.01.2019

JEL: D72, D73, G21, P16

by Eeva Kerola

Paper: 23/2018, 27.12.2018

JEL: C38, E01, E3, P2

by Johannes C. Buggle and Steven Nafziger

Paper: 22/2018, 18.12.2018

JEL: N33, N54, O10, O43

by Tho Pham , Oleksandr Talavera and Andriy Tsapin

Paper: 21/2018, 29.11.2018

JEL: G01, G21

by Bingyang Lv , Yongzheng Liu , Yan Li and Siying Ding

Paper: 20/2018, 20.11.2018

JEL: H72, H77, O16, R53

by Haizhi Wang , Timo Korkeamäki , Nader Virk and Peng Wang

Paper: 19/2018, 19.11.2018

JEL: G11, G15

by Linxu Zhu , Michael Funke and Andrew Tsang

Paper: 18/2018, 14.11.2018

JEL: C38, E52, O18

by Oleksandr Faryna and Heli Simola

Paper: 17/2018, 30.08.2018

JEL: C32, E32, F42, F43

by Zuzana Fungáčová , Paul-Olivier Klein and Laurent Weill

Paper: 16/2018, 20.07.2018

JEL: C23, D24, G21

by Paul-Olivier Klein and Laurent Weill

Paper: 15/2018, 02.07.2018

JEL: G21, O16, O40

by Jan Fidrmuc , Yunhua Tian and Hao Wang

Paper: 14/2018, 30.05.2018

JEL: F21, F54, O15

by Qing He , Yiyi Bai , Vi Tri Dang and Liping Lu

Paper: 13/2018, 08.05.2018

JEL: G30

by Rongrong Sun , Linxu Zhu and Michael Funke

Paper: 12/2018, 07.05.2018

JEL: D10, D14, G21

by Huan Ye , Guonan Ma and Marlene Amstad

Paper: 11/2018, 27.04.2018

JEL: C13, C33, C43, E31, E37, G15

by Sanna Kurronen

Paper: 10/2018, 26.04.2018

JEL: G21, G32, O13, Q02, Q32

by Mark Kruger , Jeannine Bailliu , Xinfen Han , Yu-Hsien Liu and Sri Thanabalasingam

Paper: 9/2018, 20.04.2018

JEL: C38, C55, E24, E27

by Ivan Lyubimov , Margarita Gvozdeva and Maria Lysyuk

Paper: 8/2018, 16.04.2018

JEL: O14, O25, R11

by Israel Marques II

Paper: 7/2018, 23.02.2018

JEL: H53, L21, L33, O15

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