Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification R21: Housing Demand

Title Author(s)

The Effect of Monetary Policy on Housing Tenure Choice as an Explanation for the Price Puzzle

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System International Financial Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 2016-1171, 26.06.2016)

JEL: E31, E43, R21

Waking up from the American dream: on the experience of young Americans during the housing boom of the 2000s

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 1910, 25.05.2016)

JEL: E32, G21, J10, R21

Housing and Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts

Bank of Canada Working papers [View] (Paper: 2016-24, 12.05.2016)

JEL: C6, C61, D1, D14, D9, D91, E2, E21, H2, H24, R2, R21

Demographic Cycle, Migration and Housing Investment: a Causal Examination

Bank of France Working Papers [View] (Paper: 591, 15.04.2016)

JEL: E32, J11, R21

The causal effect of house prices on mortgage demand and mortgage supply: evidence from Switzerland

Bank for International Settlements Working papers [View] (Paper: 555, 30.03.2016)

JEL: D14, G21, J61, R21

What are the Perceived Barriers to Homeownership for Young Adults?

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System FEDS series [View] (Paper: 2016-021, 01.03.2016)

JEL: D10, R1, R21, R31

Measuring expectations from household surveys: new results on subjective probabilities of future house prices

Bank of Spain Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1535, 27.11.2015)

JEL: C81, D12, D14, D84, R21

Seasonal Adjustment of Chinese Economic Statistics

Reserve Bank of Australia Research Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: RDP2015-13, 24.11.2015)

JEL: E21, R21, R31

Credit Conditions and Consumption, House Prices and Debt: What Makes Canada Different?

Bank of Canada Working papers [View] (Paper: 2015-40, 12.11.2015)

JEL: E02, E21, E44, G21, R21, R31

Stabilising house prices: the role of housing futures trading

Bank of England Working papers [View] (Paper: swp559, 09.10.2015)

JEL: G13, R21

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