Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification R12: Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity

Title Author(s)

Is the Worst Over? Economic Indexes and the Course of the Recession in New York and New Jersey.

New York Fed Current issues [View] (Paper: ci15-05, 28.09.2009)

JEL: R10, R11, R12, R15

Technological Adaptation, Cities, and New Work

Philadelphia Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 09-17, 18.08.2009)

JEL: J21, J24, O33, R12, R23

An extended gravity model with substitution applied to international trade

Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers [View] (Paper: 215, 01.08.2009)

JEL: F1, R12

Who Benefits from Increased Government Spending? A State-Level Analysis

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2009-006, 27.03.2009)

JEL: C32, E62, R12

States and the Business Cycle

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2007-050, 21.11.2007)

JEL: E32, R12

An analysis of regional commuting flows in the European Union

Central Bank of Luxembourg Working Papers [View] (Paper: 028, 01.11.2007)

JEL: C23, J61, R12, R23

Job Growth in New York and New Jersey: Mid-2007 Review and Outlook

New York Fed Current issues [View] (Paper: ci13-07, 31.08.2007)

JEL: R10, R12

Moving to High Quality of Life

Kansas City Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: RWP07-02, 23.03.2007)

JEL: O40, R12, R13

Economic impact of port activity - the case of Antwerp

National Bank of Belgium Working Papers [View] (Paper: 110, 08.02.2007)

JEL: C67, L90, R12, R15, R41

Regional Business Cycle Phases in Japan

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2006-053, 19.09.2006)

JEL: E32, R12

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