Central bank research hub - JEL classification O1: Economic Development

by Kei-Ichiro Inaba

Bank of Japan Working Papers (Paper: 18-E-7, 11.04.2018)

JEL: F3, G1, O1

by Israel Marques II

Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers (Paper: 7/2018, 23.02.2018)

JEL: H53, L21, L33, O15

by Luca Casolaro and Valeriia Budiakivska

Bank of Italy Working Papers (Paper: 1161, 29.01.2018)

JEL: L92, O18, R41, R42

by Joost Bats and Aerdt Houben

Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers (Paper: 577, 11.12.2017)

JEL: E44, G10, G21, O16

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