Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification M

Title Author(s)

Accounting, prudential regulation and financial stability: elements of a synthesis

Bank for International Settlements Working papers [View] (Paper: 180, 13.09.2005)

JEL: D80, G00, G28, G38, M41

Improving Business Payments by Asking What Corporations Really Want

New York Fed Current issues [View] (Paper: ci11-05, 02.06.2005)

JEL: L21, M10, O31

Optimization in Production of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Auditor Independence and Implications for Public Policy

Kansas City Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: RWP03-13, 23.04.2004)

JEL: G30, G38, M42

Governing the Financial or Bank Holding Company: How Legal Infrastructure Can Facilitate Consolidated Risk Management

New York Fed Current issues [View] (Paper: ci09-03, 01.04.2004)

JEL: G34, G38, K2, M4

Executive Equity Compensation and Incentives: A Survey

New York Fed Economic policy review [View] (Paper: 0304core, 01.01.2004)

JEL: G32, G34, J33, M41

Transparency, Financial Accounting Information, and Corporate Governance

New York Fed Economic policy review [View] (Paper: 0304bush, 01.01.2004)

JEL: D8, G3, M4

Interdependence between the euro area and the US: what role for EMU?

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 0200, 02.04.2003)

JEL: E43, E52, F42, M3

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