Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification L4: Antitrust Issues and Policies

Title Author(s)

Evaluating the German bank merger wave

Deutsche Bundesbank Banking Supervision Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 2005/12, 25.11.2005)

JEL: G21, G28, G33, L44

The ¿Risk-Adjusted¿ Price-Concentration Relationship in Banking

Atlanta Fed Working papers [View] (Paper: 2004-35, 14.01.2005)

JEL: G21, G28, L11, L21, L40

A Note on Social Welfare and Cost Recovery in Two-Sided Markets

Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers [View] (Paper: 024, 01.01.2005)

JEL: G21, L10, L41


Skewed Pricing in Two-Sided Markets: An IO approach

Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers [View] (Paper: 013, 01.11.2004)

JEL: G21, L10, L41


Merge or Concentrate? Some Insights for Antitrust Policy

Bank of Portugal Working papers [View] (Paper: 200207, 05.05.2004)

JEL: D60, L12, L41

Competition and stability: what's special about banking?

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 0146, 02.04.2003)

JEL: G21, G28, G34, K21, L4

Value creation in European M&As

Bank of Spain Working Papers [View] (Paper: 0223, 01.12.2002)

JEL: G34, G38, L44

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