Central bank research hub - JEL classification L3: Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise

by Israel Marques II

Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers (Paper: 7/2018, 23.02.2018)

JEL: H53, L21, L33, O15

by Yanling Qi and Julie L. Hotchkiss

Atlanta Fed Working papers (Paper: 2015-10, 01.11.2015)

JEL: C21, L38, L89

by Cheryl Long and Galina Hale

San Francisco Fed Working Papers (Paper: 2006-25, 29.09.2006)

JEL: F23, L33, O17

by Christa Hainz and Sophie Claeys

European Central Bank Working papers (Paper: 0653, 18.07.2006)

JEL: D4, G21, L31

by Frank A. Schmid and William R. Emmons

St Louis Fed Working Papers (Paper: 2004-004, 20.04.2004)

JEL: G21, L13, L31

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