Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification J65: Unemployment Insurance; Severance Pay; Plant Closings

Title Author(s)

Labor market institutions in a shopping economy

National Bank of Poland Working papers [View] (Paper: 275, 10.05.2017)

JEL: D50, E02, E32, J65

Did the crisis permanently scar the Portuguese labour market? Evidence from a Markov-switching Beveridge curve analysis

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 2043, 03.04.2017)

JEL: C23, C24, J63, J64, J65

A Quantitative Theory of Time-Consistent Unemployment Insurance

Atlanta Fed Working papers [View] (Paper: 2016-11, 01.11.2016)

JEL: E61, H21, J64, J65

The Limited Macroeconomic Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions

Minneapolis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 733, 12.04.2016)

JEL: E24, E62, J64, J65

Geographical job mobility and wage flexibility in Denmark

National Bank of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalbank) Working papers [View] (Paper: DNWP104, 08.01.2016)

JEL: J30, J61, J65

Benefit reentitlement conditions in unemployment insurance schemes

National Bank of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalbank) Working papers [View] (Paper: WP095/2015, 20.05.2015)

JEL: E32, H3, J65

Universal Basic Income versus Unemployment Insurance

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2014-047, 15.11.2014)

JEL: D7, E24, J65

Heterogeneity, Unemployment Benefits and Voluntary Labor Force Participation

Bank of France Working Papers [View] (Paper: 493, 08.07.2014)

JEL: E12, E24, E32, J21, J64, J65

Recent Extensions of U.S. Unemployment Benefits: Search Responses in Alternative Labor Market States

San Francisco Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2014-13, 23.05.2014)

JEL: J64, J65

Unemployment Insurance Fraud and Optimal Monitoring

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2012-024, 24.07.2012)

JEL: D82, D86, J65

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