Central bank research hub - JEL classification H24: Personal Income and Other Nonbusiness Taxes and Subsidies

by Morten O. Ravn and Karel Mertens

Dallas Fed Working Papers (Paper: 1805, 22.05.2018)

JEL: C32, E62, H24, H25, H31, H32

by Hal Martin

Cleveland Fed Working papers (Paper: 1806, 11.05.2018)


JEL: H24, H31, R21

by Mario Alloza

Bank of Spain Working Papers (Paper: 1725, 28.07.2017)

JEL: D31, D63, E24, E62, H24, H31

by Esteban García-Miralles

Bank of Spain Working Papers (Paper: 1706, 21.02.2017)

JEL: H21, H23, H24

by John Bailey Jones and Yue Li

Richmond Fed Working Papers (Paper: 17-02, 13.01.2017)


JEL: E21, H24, H55, I38

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