Central bank research hub - JEL classification G34: Mergers; Acquisitions; Restructuring; Corporate Governance

by Jieun Lee

Bank of Korea Working Papers (Paper: 2018-3, 01.02.2018)

JEL: G10, G32, G34

by Laura Solanko and Mikko Mäkinen

Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers (Paper: 16/2017, 01.11.2017)

JEL: G01, G21, G32, G34

by Juan Vélez

Central Bank of Colombia Working Papers (Paper: 1018, 01.10.2017)

JEL: G34, L13, L22, L96

by Larry D. Wall and María J. Nieto

Bank of Spain Working Papers (Paper: 1738, 01.10.2017)

JEL: G21, G28, G34

by Jieun Lee and KeeH.Chung

Bank of Korea Working Papers (Paper: 2017-18, 20.06.2017)

JEL: G10, G32, G34

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