Central bank research hub - JEL classification G30: General

by Qing He , Yiyi Bai , Vi Tri Dang and Liping Lu

Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers (Paper: 13/2018, 08.05.2018)

JEL: G30

by Nicolas Crouzet and Neil Mehrotra

Minneapolis Fed Working Papers (Paper: 741, 05.09.2017)

JEL: E23, E32, G30

by D. Fougère , S. Ray and R. Lecat

Bank of France Working Papers (Paper: 626, 01.04.2017)

JEL: D22, G30, O52, R30

by Iñaki Aldasoro and Robert Unger

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers (Paper: 04/2017, 24.03.2017)

JEL: E30, E40, E50, G20, G30

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