Central bank research hub - JEL classification G00: General

by Robert Barsky , Theodore Bogusz and Matthew Easton

Chicago Fed Working papers (Paper: WP-2016-19, 29.11.2016)

JEL: D53, E44, G00, G01

by Peter Van Tassel

New York Fed Staff reports (Paper: 761, 16.01.2016)


JEL: G00, G12, G34

by Gabriele La Spada

New York Fed Staff reports (Paper: 753, 09.12.2015)


JEL: G00, G20, G23

by Gerardo Hernndez del Valle

Bank of Mexico Working Papers (Paper: 2015-21, 28.11.2015)

JEL: C60, G00, G01

by Carlo Rosa and Fernando Duarte

New York Fed Staff reports (Paper: 714, 27.02.2015)


JEL: C58, G00, G12, G17

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