Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification E52: Monetary Policy

Title Author(s)

The international bank lending channel of unconventional monetary policy

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 2109, 13.11.2017)

JEL: E44, E52, G01

Assessing the effective stance of monetary policy: A factor-based approach

Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers [View] (Paper: 575, 09.11.2017)

JEL: E43, E52

What's the Story? A New Perspective on the Value of Economic Forecasts

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System FEDS series [View] (Paper: 2017-107, 04.11.2017)

JEL: C53, E17, E27, E37, E52, G40

Dissecting long-term Bund yields in the run-up to the ECB's Public Sector Purchase Programme

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 2106, 30.10.2017)

JEL: E43, E52

Financial imbalances, crisis probability and monetary policy in Norway

Central Bank of Norway (Norges Bank) Working Papers [View] (Paper: 21/2017, 26.10.2017)

JEL: E32, E37, E44, E52

Monetary policy in times of debt

Bank of Italy Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1142, 25.10.2017)

JEL: E52, E58, G21

Monetary policy transmission with two exchange rates and a single currency : The Chinese experience

Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 14/2017, 21.10.2017)

JEL: E52, F31, F40

Modelling a small open economy using a wavelet-based control model

Bank of Finland Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 32/2017, 18.10.2017)

JEL: C61, C63, C88, E52, E61, F47

What does "below, but close to, two percent" mean? Assessing the ECB's reaction function with real time data

Bank of Finland Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 29/2017, 05.10.2017)

JEL: E52, E58

On the Interplay between Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy: A Simple Analytical Framework

Central Bank of Norway (Norges Bank) Working Papers [View] (Paper: 18/2017, 03.10.2017)

JEL: E52, E58, E61

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