Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification E20: General

Title Author(s)

Population Aging and the Real Interest Rate in the Last and Next 50 Years -- A tale told by an Overlapping Generations Model --

Bank of Japan Working Papers [View] (Paper: 18-E-1, 31.01.2018)

JEL: E20, J11

Are Low Real Interest Rates Here to Stay?

IJCB International Journal of Central Banking [View] (Paper: 1, 01.09.2017)

JEL: E02, E10, E20, E40, E50, E60, F00, F41, F42, F47, J11, O30, O40

The Effect of Consumer Sentiment on Consumption

Reserve Bank of Australia Research Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: rdp2016-10, 01.11.2016)

JEL: E20, E21

Borrower Credit Access and Credit Performance After Loan Modifications

Philadelphia Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 16-26, 18.10.2016)

JEL: D12, E20, E51, E65, G21

Fiscal multipliers across the credit cycle

Bank of Spain Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1618, 08.09.2016)

JEL: E20, E44, E62, G10

Sentiments and Economic Activity: Evidence from U.S. States

San Francisco Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2016-19, 19.05.2016)

JEL: E20, E32

The role of production factor quality and technology diffusion in 20th century productivity growth.

Bank of France Working Papers [View] (Paper: 588, 05.04.2016)

JEL: E20, N10, O47

Leverage dynamics and the burden of debt

Bank of Finland Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 3/2016, 01.04.2016)

JEL: E20, E32, E44, G01

Measuring Economic Uncertainty and Its Effects

Reserve Bank of Australia Research Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: RDP2016-01, 07.03.2016)

JEL: E20, E22, E24, E32

Accounting for Labor Gaps

Bank of France Working Papers [View] (Paper: 584, 01.03.2016)

JEL: E20, E60, J22, J60

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