Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification D86: Economics of Contract: Theory

Title Author(s)

Liquidity Hoarding and Inefficient Abundant Funding

IJCB International Journal of Central Banking [View] (Paper: 15q3a7, 01.06.2015)

JEL: D53, D82, D86

Liquidity Squeeze, Abundant Funding and Macroeconomic Volatility

Bank for International Settlements Working papers [View] (Paper: 498, 24.03.2015)

JEL: D53, D82, D86

Bank competition and credit booms

Bank for International Settlements Working papers [View] (Paper: 488, 12.02.2015)

JEL: D82, D86, E51, E52, G21

Unemployment Insurance Fraud and Optimal Monitoring

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2012-024, 24.07.2012)

JEL: D82, D86, J65

Insuring Student Loans Against the Risk of College Failure

Philadelphia Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 10-31:, 06.10.2010)

JEL: D82, D86, I22

Executive Compensation and Earnings Management Under Moral Hazard

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System International Financial Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 0985, 06.01.2010)

JEL: D82, D86, G38, J31

Incentives and tranche retention in securitisation: a screening model

Bank for International Settlements Working papers [View] (Paper: 289, 29.09.2009)

JEL: D82, D86, G21, G28

Liquidity, Moral Hazard and Inter-Bank Market Collapse

Bank of France Working Papers [View] (Paper: Nr 227, 08.01.2009)

JEL: D53, D82, D86

Did Prepayments Sustain the Subprime Market?

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2008-039, 28.10.2008)

JEL: D82, D86, G21

Where┬┐s the Smoking Gun? A Study of Underwriting Standards for US Subprime Mortgages

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2008-036, 17.10.2008)

JEL: D82, D86, G21

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