Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification D81: Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty

Title Author(s)

Quantifying Uncertainty and Identifying its Impacts on the Turkish Economy

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1806, 06.02.2018)

JEL: C22, C52, D81, E32

Does Smooth Ambiguity Matter for Asset Pricing?

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System International Financial Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 1221, 19.01.2018)

JEL: C61, D81, G11, G12

Mechanics of Linear Quadratic Gaussian Rational Inattention Tracking Problems

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System FEDS series [View] (Paper: 2017-109, 04.11.2017)

JEL: D81, D83, E31

Ignorance, Uncertainty, and Strategic Consumption-Portfolio Decisions

Kansas City Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: RWP 17-13, 01.11.2017)

JEL: C61, D81, E21

Macroprodential Policy under Uncertainty

IJCB International Journal of Central Banking [View] (Paper: 4, 01.09.2017)

JEL: D81, E58

Costly decisions and sequential bargaining

Bank of Spain Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1729, 23.08.2017)

JEL: C72, C78, D81

Appraising Home Purchase Appraisals

Philadelphia Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 17-23, 31.07.2017)

JEL: D81, G14, G21, G28, L85

Portfolio Selection by Households: An Empirical Analysis Using Dynamic Panel Data Models

Bank of Japan Working Papers [View] (Paper: 17-E-6, 08.06.2017)

JEL: C33, D14, D81, G11

Uncertainty Shocks in a Model of Effective Demand: Comment

Dallas Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1706, 19.05.2017)

JEL: D81, E32

A New Way to Quantify the Effect of Uncertainty

Dallas Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1705, 04.05.2017)

JEL: C11, D81, E32, E58

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