Central bank research hub - JEL classification C3: Multiple or Simultaneous Equation Models; Multiple Variables

by Sinem Hacioglu Hoke

Bank of England Working Papers (Paper: 841, 20.12.2019)

JEL: C36, E03

by Gayane Barseghyan

Bank of Finland BOFIT Discussion Papers (Paper: 24/2019, 09.12.2019)

JEL: C33, F51, O50

by Jesús Gonzalo , Mario Alloza and Carlos Sanz

Bank of Spain Working Papers (Paper: 1944, 01.12.2019)

JEL: C32, E32, E52, E62

by Alberto Humala

Central Reserve Bank of Peru Working Papers (Paper: 2019-021, 01.12.2019)

JEL: C33, C58, F31, G32

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