The Basel Committee's publication types

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The BCBS sets standards for the prudential regulation and supervision of banks. The standards are primarily directed at internationally-active banks (although they may be applied more broadly). The BCBS expects full implementation of its standards by BCBS members, however, BCBS standards constitute minimum requirements and BCBS members may decide to go beyond them.

The Committee expects standards to be incorporated into local legal frameworks through each jurisdiction's rule-making process within the pre-defined timeframe established by the Committee. If deviation from literal transposition into local legal frameworks is unavoidable, members should seek the greatest possible equivalence of standards and their outcome.

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Guidelines elaborate the standards in areas where they are considered desirable for the prudential regulation and supervision of banks. They generally supplement BCBS standards by providing additional guidance for the purpose of their implementation.

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Sound practices

Sound practices generally describe actual observed practices, with the goal of promoting common understanding and improving supervisory or banking practices. Committee members and banks are encouraged to compare these practices with those applied in their own jurisdictions to identify potential areas for improvement.

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With the backing of the G20, the Committee has in recent years established a more active programme to monitor members' commitments to implement Basel Committee standards. This is designed to promote greater consistency in the implementation of global standards, and improved transparency of instances where national differences exist. Full and consistent implementation is aimed at strengthening the resilience of the banking system, improving market confidence in regulatory ratios, and promoting a level playing field.

Implementation is a more holistic concept than simply issuing new rules and regulations. The Basel Committee therefore regularly publishes implementation related monitoring and consistency assessment reports on individual jurisdictions, and thematic studies on the effectiveness of the implementation and their intended outcomes. These outputs help inform implementation trends and provide feedback on the Committee's work on development and upkeep of banking prudential and supervisory standards.

The Committee is conducting this work in a number of forms: it publishes periodic reports on the progress being made to implement agreed reforms in accordance with the required timelines, it produces detailed assessments of national regulations against the agreed international standards, and it reviews the consistency in the application of those regulations to individual banks.

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