Wensheng Peng

This author does not work for the BIS.

Date BIS research papers
Dec 2006


BIS Papers No 31

Feb 2006

Output gaps and inflation in Mainland China

BIS Working Papers No 194

Other authors: Stefan Gerlach

Apr 2005

Macroeconomic conditions and banking performance in Hong Kong SAR: a panel data study

BIS Papers No 22

Other authors: Stefan Gerlach and Chang Shu

Apr 2005

Real estate indicators in Hong Kong SAR

BIS Papers No 21

Other authors: Kelvin Fan

Oct 2003

The fiscal deficit and macroeconomic stability in Hong Kong SAR

BIS Papers No 20

Other authors: Jiming Ha, Cynthia Leung and Kelvin Fan

Apr 2003

Offshore use of currency: Hong Kong's experience

BIS Papers No 15

Other authors: Joanna Y L Shi