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Jan 2017

BIS Statistical Bulletin - Glossary

Nov 2016

The dollar, bank leverage and the deviation from covered interest parity

Oct 2016

International prudential policy spillovers: a global perspective

Sep 2016

Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics

Sep 2016

The ECB's QE and euro cross-border bank lending

Aug 2016

International capital flows and financial vulnerabilities in emerging market economies: analysis and data gaps

This note analyses the exposure of emerging market economies to international capital flow risks, paying particular attention to vulnerabilities in the non-financial corporate sector. It stresses the importance of studying the stocks of debt, gross rather than net flows, borrowers' nationality rather than location and the currency denomination of debt.

Mar 2016

Monetary policy spillovers and currency networks in cross-border bank lending

Mar 2016

The resilience of banks' international operations

Dec 2015

Dollar credit to emerging market economies

Oct 2015

Breaking free of the triple coincidence in international finance

Oct 2015

Channels and determinants of foreign bank lending

Sep 2015

Capital flowed out of China through BIS reporting banks in Q1 2015

Sep 2015

Enhanced data to analyse international banking

Jan 2015

Global dollar credit: links to US monetary policy and leverage

Dec 2014

Non-financial corporations from emerging market economies and capital flows

Sep 2014

Cross-border bank lending during the taper tantrum: the role of emerging market fundamentals

Mar 2014

Non-US banks' claims on the Federal Reserve

Mar 2014

International interbank activity in retreat

Dec 2013

Emerging markets and talk of tapering

Oct 2013

Transmitting global liquidity to East Asia: policy rates, bond yields, currencies and dollar credit

Sep 2013

The return of Japanese banks

Dec 2012

A reallocation of external positions in the BIS locational banking statistics

Dec 2012

The euro area crisis and cross-border bank lending to emerging markets

Dec 2012

Shifting credit patterns in emerging Asia

Dec 2012

Interpreting TARGET2 balances

Jun 2012

Eurodollar banking and currency internationalisation

Apr 2012

Rapid credit growth and international credit: challenges for Asia

Dec 2011

Measuring the vulnerability of emerging market economies to sudden capital withdrawals through the banking system

Dec 2011

Evaluating the potential impact of deleveraging by euro area banks on emerging market economies

Dec 2011

Assessing global liquidity

Sep 2011

Exploring the relationship between "guarantees extended" and CDS sold

Sep 2011

Global credit and domestic credit booms

Jun 2011

Breaks in series in the BIS international banking statistics in the fourth quarter of 2010

Mar 2011

What the BIS banking statistics say (and what they do not) about banking systems' exposures to particular countries and sectors

Dec 2010

Cross-border bank lending to emerging market economies

Dec 2010

Why do the BIS data on public sector foreign claims differ from the CEBS data on sovereign exposures?

Sep 2010

Offshore markets for the domestic currency: monetary and financial stability issues

Sep 2010

Country-to-country banking interlinkages

Sep 2010

Bank structure, funding risk and the transmission of shocks across countries: concepts and measurement

Jul 2010

The determinants of cross-border bank flows to emerging markets: new empirical evidence on the spread of financial crises

Jun 2010

Was it credit supply? Cross-border bank lending to emerging market economies during the financial crisis

Jun 2010

European banks' US dollar funding pressures

Jun 2010

Measuring banking systems' exposures to particular countries

Mar 2010

Impact of the reclassification of US investment banks

Mar 2010

The architecture of global banking: from international to multinational?

Dec 2009

Dollar appreciation in 2008: safe haven, carry trades, dollar shortage and overhedging

Oct 2009

The US dollar shortage in global banking and the international policy response

Jun 2009

Capital flows via banks reverse direction during the crisis

Dec 2008

Bank health and lending to emerging markets

Sep 2008

Measuring net banking flows: some challenges

Jun 2008

Asian banks and the international interbank market

Jun 2008

International banking activity amidst the turmoil

Feb 2008

Global monitoring with the BIS international banking statistics

Dec 2007

International banking with the euro

Dec 2007

International banking centres: a network perspective

Sep 2007

Global and regional financial integration: progress in emerging markets

Sep 2007

Evidence of carry trade activity

Dec 2006

Tracking international bank flows

Sep 2005

The BIS consolidated banking statistics: structure, uses and recent enhancements

Mar 2002

Uses of the BIS statistics: an introduction

Mar 2002

Do syndicated credits anticipate BIS consolidated banking data?

Mar 2002

International bank lending to emerging market countries: explaining the 1990s roller coaster

Mar 2002

Globalising international banking