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Jun 2017

The shifting drivers of global liquidity

May 2017

Supply- and demand-side factors in global banking

Mar 2017

Non-US banks' global dollar funding grows despite US money market reform

Jan 2017

BIS Statistical Bulletin - Glossary

Dec 2016

The currency dimension of the bank lending channel in international monetary transmission

Nov 2016

The dollar, bank leverage and the deviation from covered interest parity

Oct 2016

International prudential policy spillovers: a global perspective

Sep 2016

Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics

Sep 2016

The ECB's QE and euro cross-border bank lending

Aug 2016

International capital flows and financial vulnerabilities in emerging market economies: analysis and data gaps

This note analyses the exposure of emerging market economies to international capital flow risks, paying particular attention to vulnerabilities in the non-financial corporate sector. It stresses the importance of studying the stocks of debt, gross rather than net flows, borrowers' nationality rather than location and the currency denomination of debt.