Global liquidity indicators

Updated 6 June 2016

The term global liquidity is used by the BIS to mean the ease of financing in global financial markets. Credit is among the key indicators of global liquidity and the focus of the global liquidity indicators estimated by the BIS. These indicators constitute part of the BIS's support for the G20's activities.

Our data

Global liquidity: credit aggregates - Table E (PDF, CSV)

Research and analysis

Global liquidity conditions are analysed in the Highlights section of the March and September issues of the BIS Quarterly Review.

The BIS global liquidity indicators build on work by the Committee on the Global Financial System, which in 2011 published a report on global liquidity.

Publication dates

Global liquidity indicators are published quarterly in the BIS Statistical Bulletin. View our release calendar for advance notice of publication dates.

More information

See our video on "Global liquidity indicators ‒ what they are and how to find them".

The following publications provide further information on global liquidity issues:


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