Semiannual OTC derivatives statistics

Updated 18 September 2016

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Global tables    
D5 Global OTC derivatives market    
  D5.1 Foreign exchange, interest rate, equity linked contracts PDF
  D5.2 Commodity contracts, credit default swaps PDF
D6 OTC, foreign exchange derivatives PDF
D7 OTC, interest rate derivatives PDF
D8 OTC, equity-linked derivatives PDF
D9 OTC derivatives by maturity PDF
D10 OTC credit default swaps    
  D10.1 Credit default swaps, by type of position PDF
  D10.2 Credit default swaps, by rating category PDF
  D10.3 Credit default swaps, by remaining maturity PDF
  D10.4 Credit default swaps, by sector of reference PDF
  D10.5 Credit default swaps, by location of counterparty PDF

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Up to September 2015 these data were published in a different format. Use our table mapping guide to find the corresponding new table numbers of data from the old statistical tables.

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