Proceedings of the Sixth IFC Conference on "Statistical issues and activities in a changing environment", Basel, 28-29 August 2012.

IFC Bulletin No 36
February 2013

Papers in this volume were prepared for the IFC Conference held in Basel on 28-29 August 2012.

Session 1: Measuring the shadow banking system

Macro-mapping the euro area shadow banking system with financial sector balance sheet statistics
OECD financial statistics for measuring the structure and size of the shadow banking system
Measuring shadow banking in Ireland using granular data

Session 2: Measuring the shadow banking system, continued

Measuring the off-balance-sheet wealth management business of commercial banks - The case in China
Compiling statistics of shadow banking
Shadow banking in Spain
Monitoring shadow banking and its challenges: the Malaysian experience

Session 3A: Residential property price indices

Residential property price index: preliminary results for Chile
Constructing a real estate price index: the Moroccan experience
Constructing a house price index for Turkey

Session 3B: Measuring expectations

Overview of models and methods for measuring economic agent's expectations
Forecast evaluation of economic sentiment indicator for the Korean economy
Consumer sentiment and confidence indices in Nigeria: a panel data analysis

Session 3C: Monitoring commodity markets

Brazil's Commodity Price Index
Statistical issues and activities in a changing environment: improvements in the commodity price input used for the ECB's analysis of HICP food prices
International commodity prices - volatility and global liquidity

Session 4A: Measuring commercial property prices

Commercial property prices: what should be measured?
Measuring the commercial property prices in Italy: a first evidence from a transaction based approach

Session 4B: Measuring expectations

Measuring the opinion of firms on the supply and demand of external financing in the euro area
Central Bank of Brazil's market expectations system: a tool for monetary policy

Session 4C: Exchange-rate indicators

Euro area exchange rate-based competitiveness indicators: a comparison of methodologies and empirical results
Weighted Average Relative Price (WARP) - A Supplement to Standard Real Effective Exchange Rates (REERs)

Session 5: How reliable are debt measures?

The story told by debt indicators and the hidden truth - Weaknesses of the most commonly used debt indicators and the way forward
How reliable and comparable are private debt measures: the French case
Tax planning may have contributed to high indebtedness among Swedish companies

Session 6A: Methodological issues regarding the compilation of financial accounts

Sectoral interlinkages in balance sheet approach
Fiscal federalism in Brazil: the importance of data disclosure of subnational governments
Measuring the value of employee stock options
Securities by securities database and the Chilean financial accounts
Security-by-security data on holdings of securities: the importance for national and euro area accounts

Session 6B: Measuring households' financial positions

Patterns of credit ownership in Poland - A multi-grouplatent class approach
The wealth and debt of Danish families
Household over-indebtedness: Definition and measurement with Italian data

Session 6C: External aspects of financial accounts

Cross-border banking transactions in the euro area
Towards a better view of Dutch net foreign assets

Session 7: Panel discussion on "Will we have appropriate data to monitor future developments in the financial system and evolving financial conditions?"

Concentration indicators: assessing the gap between aggregate and detailed data