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To Sell or To Borrow? A Theory of Bank Liquidity Management

Paper: 14-18, 29.12.2014

JEL: G21, G28

Search with Wage Posting under Sticky Prices

Paper: 14-17, 06.12.2014

JEL: E10, E30, E50, J60

Self-Employment and Health Care Reform: Evidence from Massachusetts

Paper: 14-16, 27.11.2014

JEL: C10, C15, E24, I13, I18, I38, L26

Uncertainty Shocks in a Model of Effective Demand

Paper: 14-15, 26.11.2014

JEL: E32, E52

What We Don't Know Doesn't Hurt Us: Rational Inattention and the Permanent Income Hypothesis in General Equilibrium

Paper: 14-14, 25.11.2014

JEL: C61, D83, E21

Yield Curve and Monetary Policy Expectations in Small Open Economies

Paper: 14-13, 24.11.2014

New Exporter Dynamics

Paper: 14-10, 21.11.2014

Monocentric City Redux

Paper: 14-09, 21.11.2014

JEL: R12, R14, R41

House Prices, Heterogeneous Banks and Unconventional Monetary Policy Options

Paper: 14-12, 21.11.2014

JEL: E32, E44, G01, G21

A Model of Monetary Policy Shocks for Financial Crises and Normal Conditions

Paper: 14-11, 21.11.2014

JEL: E3, E4, E5

Recurrent Overdrafts: A Deliberate Decision by Some Prepaid Cardholders?

Paper: RWP 14-08, 15.11.2014

JEL: D12, E42, G21

A Pitfall of Expectational Stability Analysis

Paper: 14-07, 01.11.2014

JEL: C62

Productivity, Nationalization, and the Role of "News": Lessons from the 1970s

Paper: 14-06, 01.08.2014

Location Decisions of Natural Gas Extraction Establishments: A Smooth Transition Count Model Approach

Paper: 14-05, 26.04.2014

JEL: C21, C25, D21, R12, R30

Uncertainty and Fiscal Cliffs

Paper: 14-04, 09.04.2014

JEL: E20, E60, E62

A Quantitative System of Monocentric Metros

Paper: 14-03, 02.04.2014

JEL: C68, R10, R41

Consumer Debt Dynamics: Follow the Increasers

Paper: 14-02, 28.03.2014

JEL: D14, E21, E32

General Purpose Reloadable Prepaid Cards: Penetration, Use, Fees and Fraud Risks

Paper: 14-01, 13.02.2014

Human Capital Dynamics and the U.S. Labor

Paper: 13-10, 04.01.2014

Wealth Distribution with State-dependent Risk Aversion

Paper: 13-09, 04.01.2014

Kinked Demand Curves, the Natural Rate Hypothesis, and Macroeconomic Stability

Paper: 13-08, 29.08.2013

Rural Wealth Creation and Emerging Energy Industries: Lease and Royalty Payments to Farm Households and Businesses

Paper: 13-07, 25.07.2013

Creditor Recovery: The Macroeconomic Dependence of Industry Equilibrium

Paper: 13-06, 18.07.2013

Predicting Recessions with Leading Indicators: Model Averaging and Selection Over the Business Cycle

Paper: 13-05, 02.07.2013

Revisiting the Use of Initial Jobless Claims as a Labor Market Indicator

Paper: 13-03, 14.06.2013

Monetary Policy Regime Switches and Macroeconomic Dynamics

Paper: 13-04, 14.06.2013

Perturbation Methods for Markov-Switching DSGE Models

Paper: 13-01, 07.03.2013

The Settlement of the United States, 1800 to 2000: The Long Transition Toward Gibrat's Law

Paper: 13-02, 28.02.2013

Job Duration and the Cleansing and Sullying Effects of Recessions

Paper: 12-08, 12.12.2012

Drifting Inflation Targets and Stagflation

Paper: 12-10, 12.12.2012

Firm-Specific Labor, Trend Inflation, and Equilibrium Stability

Paper: 12-09, 12.12.2012

Model Uncertainty and Intertemporal Tax Smoothing

Paper: 12-01, 03.12.2012

Labor Market Dynamics with Endogenous Labor Force Participation and On-the-Job Search

Paper: 12-07, 03.12.2012

Model Uncertainty, State Uncertainty, and State-space Models

Paper: 12-02, 03.12.2012

Financial Frictions and Occupational Mobility

Paper: 12-06, 03.12.2012

Student Loans: Overview and Issues

Paper: 12-05, 16.11.2012

Effects of Credit Scores on Consumer Payment Choice

Paper: 12-03, 16.11.2012

The State Space Representation and Estimation of a Time-Varying Parameter VAR with Stochastic...

Paper: 12-04, 16.11.2012

Financial Crises, Unconventional Monetary Policy Exit Strategies, and Agents' Expectations

Paper: 11-04, 09.09.2011

Note on the Role of Natural Condition of Control in the Estimation of DSGE Models

Paper: 11-03, 09.09.2011

How To Make Banks Reveal Their Information

Paper: 11-02, 13.05.2011

Labor Market Search, the Taylor Principle, and Indeterminacy

Paper: 11-01, 10.02.2011

Determinacy under Inflation Targeting Interest Rate Policy in a Sticky Price Model with Investment

Paper: 10-15, 31.12.2010

The Roles of Price Points and Menu Costs in Price Rigidity

Paper: 10-18, 31.12.2010

Robust Control, Informational Frictions, and International Consumption Correlations

Paper: 10-16, 31.12.2010

Learning about Monetary Policy Rules when Labor Market Search and Matching Frictions Matter

Paper: 10-14, 31.12.2010

Robustness, Information-Processing Constraints, and the Current Account in Small Open Economies

Paper: 10-17, 31.12.2010

Entrepreneurial Risk Choice and Credit Market Equilibria

Paper: 10-13, 03.11.2010

Lender Exposure and Effort in the Syndicated Loan Market

Paper: 10-12, 03.11.2010

The Creditworthiness of the Poor: A Model of the Grameen Bank

Paper: 10-11, 30.04.2010

JEL: G21, O12, O16

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