Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System FEDS series 2004

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Title Author(s)

The Reliability of Inflation Forecasts Based on Output Gap Estimates in Real Time

Paper: 2004-68, 25.12.2004

JEL: C53, E37

Learning Dynamics with Private and Public Signals

Paper: 2004-67, 17.12.2004

Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? The Response of Asset Prices to Monetary Policy Actions and Statements

Paper: 2004-66, 10.12.2004

Measuring Capital and Technology: An Expanded Framework

Paper: 2004-65, 10.11.2004

Reading the Minds of Investors: An Empirical Term Structure Model for Policy Analysis

Paper: 2004-64, 06.11.2004

Housing, Consumption, and Credit Constraints

Paper: 2004-63, 06.11.2004

Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics

Paper: 2004-62, 28.10.2004

The Liquidity Effect in the Federal Funds Market: Evidence from Daily Open Market Operations

Paper: 2004-61, 28.10.2004

Debt Maturity, Risk, and Asymmetric Information

Paper: 2004-60, 28.10.2004

JEL: G21, G32, G38

Workweek Flexibility and Hours Variation

Paper: 2004-59, 28.10.2004

JEL: E24, J23

Diverging Measures of Capacity Utilization: An Explanation

Paper: 2004-58, 28.10.2004

Quantitative Monetary Easing and Risk in Financial Asset Markets

Paper: 2004-57, 28.10.2004

JEL: E40, E58, G12

Dynamic Estimation of Volatility Risk Premia and Investor Risk Aversion from Option-Implied and Realized Volatilities

Paper: 2004-56, 28.10.2004

JEL: C51, C52, G12, G13

A Consistent Accounting of U.S. Productivity Growth

Paper: 2004-55, 28.10.2004

JEL: D24, E23

Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts for the United States: Draft SNA-USA

Paper: 2004-54, 28.10.2004

Market Discipline in Banking Reconsidered: The Roles of Funding Manager Decisions and Deposit Insurance Reform

Paper: 2004-53, 28.10.2004

Macroeconomic Volatility, Predictability and Uncertainty in the Great Moderation: Evidence from the Survey of Professional Forecasters

Paper: 2004-52, 28.10.2004

Consumer Sentiment, the Economy, and the News Media

Paper: 2004-51, 28.10.2004

The Long-Run Relationship between House Prices and Rents

Paper: 2004-50, 28.10.2004

Estimating Capacity Utilization from Survey Data

Paper: 2004-49, 29.09.2004

JEL: D24, E22, E31

Monetary Policy Alternatives at the Zero Bound: An Empirical Assessment

Paper: 2004-48, 15.09.2004

JEL: E41, E42, E58, E61

Convenience or Necessity? Understanding the Recent Rise in Credit Card Debt

Paper: 2004-47, 15.09.2004

Competition, Product Differentiation and Quality Provision: An Empirical Equilibrium Analysis of Bank Branching Decisions

Paper: 2004-46, 27.08.2004

JEL: G21, G28, L11, L13

Expectation Traps in a New Keynesian Open Economy Model

Paper: 2004-45, 27.08.2004

JEL: E58, E61, F41, F42

Monetary Policy and the Information Content of the Yield Spread

Paper: 2004-44, 27.08.2004

JEL: E37, E43, E52

Is Moderate-To-High Inflation Inherently Unstable?

Paper: 2004-43, 27.08.2004

JEL: E3, E5

Do Liquidity Constraints Matter for New Entrepreneurs?

Paper: 2004-42, 25.08.2004

Limited Network Connections and the Distribution of Wages

Paper: 2004-41, 17.08.2004

The Scope of Monetary Policy Actions Authorized under the Federal Reserve Act

Paper: 2004-40, 17.08.2004

Integrating Expenditure and Income Data: What To Do With the Statistical Discrepancy?

Paper: 2004-39, 17.08.2004

JEL: C67, C82

Multimarket Bank Pricing: An Empirical Investigation of Deposit Interest Rates

Paper: 2004-38, 08.07.2004

The Price and Quantity of Residential Land in the United States

Paper: 2004-37, 08.07.2004

Understanding the Risk of Synthetic CDOs

Paper: 2004-36, 28.06.2004

Transparency and Monetary Policy: What Does the Academic Literature tell Policymakers?

Paper: 2004-35, 18.06.2004

Employer-to-Employer Flows in the U.S. Labor Market: The Complete Picture of Gross Worker Flows

Paper: 2004-34, 18.06.2004

JEL: E24, J21, J63, J64

To Leave or Not to Leave: The Distribution of Bequest Motives

Paper: 2004-33, 18.06.2004

JEL: D11, D12, D91, E21

The Decline in Household Saving and the Wealth Effect

Paper: 2004-32, 18.06.2004

JEL: D12, E21

How Fast Do Personal Computers Depreciate? Concepts and New Estimates

Paper: 2004-31, 06.06.2004

Technology, Capital Spending, and Capacity Utilization

Paper: 2004-30, 06.06.2004

JEL: D24, E22, E31

Overnight Interbank Loan Markets

Paper: 2004-29, 06.06.2004

JEL: E4, G1

Fresh Start or Head Start? The Effect of Filing for Personal Bankruptcy on the Labor Supply

Paper: 2004-28, 06.06.2004

JEL: D14, J22, K35

Loan Commitments and Private Firms

Paper: 2004-27, 06.06.2004

JEL: E44, G21, G31

Cross-Border Diversification in Bank Asset Portfolios

Paper: 2004-26, 06.06.2004

JEL: E44, F40, G11, G21

Optimal Inflation in an Open Economy with Imperfect Competition

Paper: 2004-25, 06.06.2004

JEL: E58, E61, F41, F42

Commercial Lending and Distance: Evidence from Community Reinvestment Act Data

Paper: 2004-24, 06.06.2004

401(k) Matching Contributions in Company Stock: Costs and Benefits for Firms and Workers

Paper: 2004-23, 06.06.2004

JEL: G11, J30, J32

The Geography of Stock Market Participation: The Influence of Communities and Local Firms

Paper: 2004-22, 28.04.2004

Learning and Shifts in Long-Run Productivity Growth

Paper: 2004-21, 28.04.2004

JEL: D83, E13, E32, O40

Uncertainty and Investment: An Empirical Investigation Using Data on Analysts' Profits Forecasts

Paper: 2004-20, 28.04.2004

What Does the Yield on Subordinated Bank Debt Measure?

Paper: 2004-19, 28.04.2004

JEL: D8, G2, K2

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