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Productivity effects of eco-innovations using data on eco-patents

Paper: 1067, 06.06.2016

JEL: L60, Q55

The heterogeneous response of domestic sales and exports to bank credit shocks

Paper: 1066, 06.06.2016

JEL: F14, G21, G34

How does bank capital affect the supply of mortgages? Evidence from a randomized experiment

Paper: 1051, 14.05.2016

The academic and labor market returns of University professors

Paper: 0981, 14.05.2016

Informational contagion in the laboratory

Paper: 1063, 21.04.2016

JEL: C92, G01, G14, G15

Intergenerational mobility in the very long run: Florence 1427-2011

Paper: 1060, 21.04.2016

JEL: D31, J62, N33

Labor force participation, wage rigidities, and inflation

Paper: 1054, 10.03.2016

JEL: E24, E31, E32

Estimation of counterfactual distributions with a continuous endogenous treatment

Paper: 1053, 10.03.2016

JEL: C31, C36

Adaptive models and heavy tails

Paper: 1052, 10.03.2016

JEL: C22, C51, C53, E31

Contagion and fire sales in banking networks

Paper: 1050, 28.01.2016

JEL: C62, D85, G21, G28

Debt maturity and the liquidity of secondary debt markets

Paper: 1049, 28.01.2016

JEL: G12, G32

Heterogeneous peer effects in education

Paper: 1048, 28.01.2016

JEL: C31, D85, Z13

A new method for the correction of test scores manipulation

Paper: 1047, 28.01.2016

JEL: C23, C25, I28

Carry trades and exchange rate volatility: a TVAR approach

Paper: 1046, 28.01.2016

JEL: C32, G15

Optimal inflation weights in the euro area

Paper: 1045, 28.01.2016

JEL: E52, F41

The supply side of household finance

Paper: 1044, 02.12.2015

JEL: D14, E43, G11, G12, G21

Exposure to media and corruption perceptions

Paper: 1043, 02.12.2015

JEL: D84, K42, K49

Multitask agents and incetives: the case of teaching and research for university professors

Paper: 1042, 02.12.2015

JEL: I2, J41, M5

The use of fixed-term contracts and the (adverse) selection of public sector workers

Paper: 1041, 02.12.2015

JEL: D82, J24, M54, O15

The macroeconomic effects of low and falling inflation at the zero lower bound

Paper: 1040, 02.12.2015

JEL: E21, E31, E37, E52

Shoe-leather costs in the euro area and the foreign demand for euro banknotes

Paper: 1039, 02.12.2015

JEL: C22, E41

Young adults living with their parents and the influence of peers

Paper: 1038, 02.12.2015

JEL: D10, J12, J60, Z13

Deconstructing the gains from trade: selection of industries vs. reallocation of workers

Paper: 1037, 02.12.2015

JEL: F10, F11, F40

The predictive content of business survey indicators: evidence from SIGE

Paper: 1031, 06.10.2015

JEL: C32, E32

Domestic and international macroeconomic effects of the Eurosystem expanded asset purchase programme

Paper: 1036, 12.09.2015

JEL: E43, E44, E52, E58

The time varying effect of oil price shocks on euro-area exports

Paper: 1035, 12.09.2015

JEL: C32, E3, F14

Procyclicality of credit rating systems: how to manage it

Paper: 1034, 12.09.2015

JEL: C32, E32, G24, G32

Does trend inflation make a difference?

Paper: 1033, 12.09.2015

JEL: C1, C5, E4, E5

Sovereign debt exposure and the bank lending channel: impact on credit supply and the real economy

Paper: 1032, 06.09.2015

JEL: E51, G21

Female employment and pre-kindergarten: on the uninteded

Paper: 1030, 06.09.2015

JEL: J13, J16

European structural funds during the crisis: evidence from Southern Italy

Paper: 1029, 06.09.2015

JEL: J01, J23, J61

On the conditional distribution of euro area inflation forecast

Paper: 1027, 21.07.2015

Follow the value added: bilateral gross export accounting

Paper: 1026, 21.07.2015

JEL: E16, F1, F14, F15

Tail comovement in option-implied inflation expectations as an indicator of anchoring

Paper: 1025, 21.07.2015

JEL: C14, C58, E31, E44, G13

Accessorizing. The effect of union contract renewals on consumption

Paper: 1024, 21.07.2015

JEL: D12, E21, J51

Understanding policy rates at the zero lower bound: insights from a Bayesian shadow rate model

Paper: 1023, 21.07.2015

JEL: C32, E43, G12

Testing information diffusion in the decentralized unsecured market for euro funds

Paper: 1022, 15.07.2015

JEL: C21, D40, E40, E52, G21

Decomposing euro area sovereign spreads: credit, liquidity and convenience

Paper: 1021, 15.07.2015

JEL: G12

Forecaster heterogeneity, surprises and financial markets

Paper: 1020, 15.07.2015

JEL: E44, E52, F31, G14

Why is inflation so low in the euro area?

Paper: 1019, 15.07.2015

JEL: C32, E31, E32, E52

Statistical matching and uncertainty analysis in combining household income and expenditure data

Paper: 1018, 15.07.2015

JEL: C14, C15

A note on social capital, space and growth in Europe

Paper: 1017, 15.07.2015

JEL: A13, N13, O10

Short term inflation forecasting: the M.E.T.A. approach

Paper: 1016, 11.06.2015

JEL: C32, C53, E31, E37

Inflation, financial conditions and non-standard monetary policy in a monetary union. A model-based evaluation

Paper: 1015, 11.06.2015

JEL: E43, E44, E52, E58

Women as 'gold dust': gender diversity in top boards and the performance of Italian banks

Paper: 1014, 11.06.2015

JEL: G21, G34, J16

Bankruptcy law and bank financing

Paper: 1013, 04.06.2015

JEL: G33, K22

Sovereign debt and reserves with liquidity and productivity crises

Paper: 1012, 04.06.2015

JEL: F34, F40, G15, H63

Foreign direct investment and firm performance: an empirical analysis of Italian firms

Paper: 1011, 04.06.2015

JEL: C25, D24, F23

Every cloud has a silver lining. The sovereign crisis and Italian potential output

Paper: 1010, 04.06.2015

JEL: C51, E31, E52

Social capital and the cost of credit: evidence from a crisis

Paper: 1009, 22.04.2015

JEL: A13, G01, G2

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