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GDP Nowcasting: Assessing business cycle conditions in Argentina.

Paper: 2015/69, 27.11.2015

JEL: C22, C53, E37

Spatial analysis of the financial system in urban areas: The case of Buenos Aires city.

Paper: 2015/66, 04.10.2015

JEL: C31, G21, G28, R12

Intermediation Spreads in an Emerging Economy Under Different Macroeconomic Regimes: Argentina, 1994-2013

Paper: 2015/64, 04.09.2015

JEL: C22, E44, G21

The Possible Trinity: Optimal interest rate, exchange rate, and taxes on capital flows in a DSGE model for a Small Open Economy

Paper: 2015/63, 04.08.2015

JEL: E58, F38, O24

Does Competition for Novice Borrowers Hurt Access to Finance? An Analysis in a Context of High Risk and Low Outreach

Paper: 2015/62, 04.01.2015

A DSGE model for a SOE with Systematic Interest and Foreign Exchange policies in which policymakers exploit the risk premium for stabilization purposes.

Paper: 2013/61, 05.03.2013

JEL: E58, F41, O24

How do Firms in Argentina get Financing to Export?

Paper: 2012/58, 04.12.2012

Common Drivers in Emerging Market Spreads andCommodity Prices

Paper: 2012/57, 04.12.2012

Credit vs. Payment Services: Financial Development and Economic Activity Revisited

Paper: 2012/56, 04.12.2012

A New Look into Credit Procyclicality: International Panel Evidence

Paper: 2011/55, 16.12.2011

Regulatory Solutions to Bank Loans ProCyclicality. Is the cure worse than the illness?

Paper: 2011/54, 16.12.2011

Foreign exchange regulatory Framework and characteristics of the Argentine exchange market regarding the transfer of funds from and to foreign countries.

Paper: 2011/53, 16.12.2011

Export Costs and Geographic Diversification: Does Experience Matter?

Paper: 2011/52, 16.12.2011

Commodity Prices: Structural factors Financial Markets and Non-linear Dynamics.

Paper: 2010/50, 06.06.2011

Dynamic and Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) Models: an introduction

Paper: 2010/47, 15.03.2011

The G20, the crisis and the redesign of theinternational financial architecture.

Paper: 2009/45, 17.11.2009

Financialization of Commodity Markets: Nonlinear

Paper: 2009/44, 07.11.2009

ARGEMmy: An intermediate DSGE

Paper: 2009/42, 19.06.2009

Studying the Short-Run Dynamics of Inflation:

Paper: 2009/40, 05.03.2009

JEL: C5, E31


Dangerous Liaisons? An Empirical Assessment of Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Regimes

Paper: 2008/39, 16.01.2009

JEL: E52, F31, F41

Regime Dependence, Common Shocks and

Paper: 2008/38, 07.10.2008

Credit scoring models: The use of credit bureau data when there is missing information

Paper: 2008/37, 22.08.2008

Bank diversification and its impact on portfolio quality in Argentina

Paper: 2008/36, 22.08.2008

Forecasting Inflation in Argentina: Individual models or Forecasting Pooling?

Paper: 2008/35, 21.07.2008

Imports-Exports correlation: A new puzzle?

Paper: 2008/33, 02.06.2008

Business cycle accounting for Argentina utilizing capital utilization.

Paper: 2008/30, 02.06.2008

JEL: E22, E32, N16

Non-Parametric Estimation of Conditional and Unconditional Loan Portfolio Loss Distributions with Public Credit Registry Data

Paper: 2007/20T, 12.12.2007

Liquidity risk management in the Argentine financial system

Paper: 2007/22T, 14.11.2007

Sound practices for the management of operational risk in financial institutions

Paper: 2006/16T, 14.11.2007

Hybrid instruments for bank capitalization

Paper: 2006/13T, 14.11.2007

Liquidity Risk Management in Banks. International Best Practices and Cases

Paper: 2006/10T, 14.11.2007

Credit Cooperatives: Overview of International Experiences.

Paper: 2006/10W, 14.11.2007

Microfinance: an Analysis of Practices and Regulations.

Paper: 2006/05T, 14.11.2007

Bancarization and determinants of availability of banking services in Argentina.

Paper: 2006/15, 09.10.2007

JEL: C10, C11, G21, G28

Inflation persistence and changes in the monetary regime: The argentine case

Paper: 2007/23, 09.10.2007

JEL: C22, E31, E52

Commercial banks and microfinance (published in BCRA Technical Documents)

Paper: 2007/00, 31.07.2007

ARGEM: a DSGE model with banks and monetary policy regimes with two feedback rules, calibrated for Argentina

Paper: 2007/21, 24.07.2007

Risky Banking and Credit Rationing

Paper: 2007/20, 24.07.2007

JEL: G10, G32

Macroeconomic Shocks and Financial Vulnerability

Paper: 2007/17, 24.07.2007

JEL: E44, G21

Economic determinants of availability and spatial distribution of banking services in Argentina.

Paper: 2006/14, 22.06.2007

The economic policy of foreign reserve accumulation: new international evidence.

Paper: 2006/13, 21.06.2007

Understanding the money - prices relationship under low and high inflation regimes: Argentina 1970 - 2005.

Paper: 2006/12, 21.06.2007

Alternative monetary regimes in a DSGE model of a small open economy with two sectors and sticky prices and wages.

Paper: 2006/11, 21.06.2007

A model of working capital with idiosyncratic production risk and firm failure.

Paper: 2006/10, 01.12.2006

Corporate Self-financing and Growth.

Paper: 2006/08, 01.12.2006

JEL: C33, G32, O16

A bayesian method of forecast averaging for models known only by their hictoric outputs: an application to the BCRA´S REM.

Paper: 2006/07, 01.12.2006

The use of collateral in the Argentine banking system.

Paper: 2006/05, 01.12.2006

JEL: G21, G32

Credit Scoring models with truncated samples and their Validation.

Paper: 2006/04, 01.12.2006

The Feldstein-Horioka Paradox: A new perspective from the institutional sector level.

Paper: 2006/03, 01.12.2006

JEL: F21, F32

Methodological alternatives for the analysis of financial constraints in Argentina.

Paper: 2006/02, 01.12.2006

JEL: C23, E44, G12, G14, G15, O16, O54

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