Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification G32: Financing Policy; Financial Risk and Risk Management; Capital and Ownership Structure; Value of Firms; Goodwill

Title Author(s)

Bridging the banking sector with the real economy: a financial stability perspective

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 1592, 24.09.2013)

JEL: E17, G21, G32

Islamic finance in Europe

European Central Bank Occasional papers [View] (Paper: 146, 27.06.2013)

JEL: E52, E58, F6, F65, G21, G22, G28, G3, G32, M14

Restructuring counterparty credit risk

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 14/2013, 26.04.2013)

JEL: C51, C63, E51, G01, G32, G33

Non-performing loans: what matters in addition to the economic cycle?

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 1515, 16.02.2013)

JEL: F34, G21, G28, G32

Does corporate taxation affect cross-country firm leverage?

Bank of Italy Working Papers [View] (Paper: 889, 14.12.2012)

JEL: G32, H32

Do firms use the trade credit channel to manage growth?

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 1502, 14.12.2012)

JEL: C23, E44, G32, L25

The optimal size of the European Stability Mechanism: A cost-benefit analysis

Netherlands Bank DNB Working Papers [View] (Paper: 349, 27.08.2012)

JEL: C15, G01, G17, G22, G32

More than connectedness - Heterogeneity of CEO social network and firm value

Bank of Finland Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 2012/26, 27.08.2012)

JEL: D71, G30, G32, Z10

Tax incentives and capital structure choice: evidence from Germany

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 18/2012, 27.08.2012)

JEL: G32, H20

Systematic Risk, Debt Maturity and the Term Structure of Credit Spreads

Bank of Canada Working papers [View] (Paper: 2012-27, 27.08.2012)

JEL: G32, G33

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