Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification C72: Noncooperative Games

Title Author(s)

Costly decisions and sequential bargaining

Bank of Spain Working Papers [View] (Paper: 1729, 23.08.2017)

JEL: C72, C78, D81

Capturing information contagion in a stress-testing framework

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 29/2016, 11.08.2016)

JEL: C72, E58, G01, G21, G28

Lethal lapses - how a positive interest rate shock might stress German life insurers

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 12/2015, 22.06.2015)

JEL: C13, C72, G22, G23

Introducing Funding Liquidity Risk in a Macro Stress-Testing Framework

IJCB International Journal of Central Banking [View] (Paper: 14q4a4, 01.12.2014)

JEL: C72, E58, G01, G21, G28

Interjurisdictional Competition and Location Decisions of Firms

St Louis Fed Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2014-036, 01.11.2014)

JEL: C72, H21, H32, H73

Peering into the mist: social learning over an opaque observation network

Bank of England Working papers [View] (Paper: wp503, 01.08.2014)

JEL: C72, D82, D83, D84

Strategic Choice of Preferences: The Persona Model

Boston Fed Working papers [View] (Paper: 10-10, 29.09.2010)

JEL: C70, C72, D03

Central Bank Communication and Multiple Equilibria

IJCB International Journal of Central Banking [View] (Paper: 10q3a5, 01.09.2010)

JEL: C72, D83, E52

The Optimal Level of Deposit Insurance Coverage

Boston Fed Working papers [View] (Paper: 09-06, 01.07.2009)

JEL: C72, G21, G28

Another Hidden Cost of Incentives: The Detrimental Effect on Norm Enforcement

Boston Fed Working papers [View] (Paper: 09-02, 27.03.2009)

JEL: C72, C92, D23, H41

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