Central Bank Research Hub - JEL classification C51: Model Construction and Estimation

Title Author(s)

What Drives Gross Flows in Equity and Investment Fund Shares in Luxembourg?

Central Bank of Luxembourg Working Papers [View] (Paper: 112, 13.09.2017)

JEL: C51, F3, F37, G15

Euro area banks' interest rate risk exposure to level, slope and curvature swings in the yield curve

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 24/2017, 31.08.2017)

JEL: C11, C51, C55

What drives export market shares? It depends! An empirical analysis using Bayesian Model Averaging

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 2090, 31.07.2017)

JEL: C23, C51, C55, F14, O52

Identifying Dornbusch's Exchange Rate Overshooting with Structural VECs: Evidence from Mexico

Bank of Mexico Working Papers [View] (Paper: 2017-11, 22.06.2017)

JEL: C32, C51, E10, E17

System Priors for Econometric Time Series

Czech National Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 2017/01, 25.05.2017)

JEL: C11, C18, C51

Output gap, monetary policy trade-offs and financial frictions

Central Bank of Norway (Norges Bank) Working Papers [View] (Paper: 08/2017, 27.04.2017)

JEL: C51, C52, E32

ECB-Global: introducing ECB's global macroeconomic model for spillover analysis

European Central Bank Working papers [View] (Paper: 2045, 18.04.2017)

JEL: C51, E30, E50

Non-Parametric Estimation of Marginal Propensities to Consume: The Case of Regression Splines

National Bank of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalbank) Working papers [View] (Paper: DNWP112, 17.03.2017)

JEL: C51, E21, E6

Estimating the Natural Interest Rate for Iceland: An Exploratory Study

Central Bank of Iceland Working Papers [View] (Paper: 74, 08.12.2016)

JEL: C22, C51, E44, E58

Macroeconomic now- and forecasting based on the factor error correction model using targeted mixed frequency indicators

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers [View] (Paper: 47/2016, 02.12.2016)

JEL: C18, C23, C51, C52, C53

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