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Moving to Basel for partners

We support you and
your family in building
your life in Basel

If your spouse or partner is considering joining the BIS, then this may be a significant step in your life. Relocating to another city, country or even continent can be daunting even for seasoned travellers, especially where there are children involved.

Career opportunities for partners

As a spouse or partner, if you wish to continue your career in Basel, we can help you get started. As you would expect, good spoken (and preferably written) German is a real asset. Or you might seize the opportunity for a career break or the chance to sharpen your skills and strengthen your CV by gaining a further qualification.

Finding employment in Basel for partners

If you are looking to continue your career in Basel, we will kick-start the process by funding an initial assessment with the Spouse Career Centre. This multilingual resource provides a confidential recruitment service to evaluate your career ambitions in view of local market conditions.

Where the Centre identifies realistic opportunities for career development, they can then prepare your CV in the accepted Swiss format prior to introducing you to a number of major local employers. Please note that these services would entail an additional fee, as the BIS funds the initial consultation only.

In addition to the BIS, Basel is home to a number of major multinational organisations, which may have opportunities for well qualified foreign nationals, including those who are not fluent in German.

Spouses are automatically entitled to a Ci permit, and they do not need to apply for a work permit separately.

Continuing your education in Switzerland

Relocating to Basel may give you an opportunity to acquire additional qualifications. The city has its own highly regarded international university, offering a wide range of courses mainly conducted in German. Alternatively, if you prefer to learn in English, you could pursue a distance learning programme.

Building your life in Basel

There are extensive networking opportunities for expatriates in Basel, including a number of dedicated organisations. These include the English-speaking club Centrepoint, the Professional Women's Group of Basel, the American Women's Club and the Basel Childbirth Trust, which provides help, support and information to expectant parents and families with young children.

Meanwhile, our own Sports Club, established in 1931, is the hub for a wide range of activities, allowing employees and their families to relax and make new friends in a convivial, multilingual environment. Special interest groups range from badminton and bowling to golfing, bridge and wine appreciation.

The Club's facilities include tennis courts, a swimming pool, a boccia alley, a skittles alley, a photography darkroom, a fitness room and a table tennis room, as well as a restaurant, bar and barbecue area. There is also a gymnasium within one of our buildings that you can enjoy during off-peak hours.