James Yetman

Principal Economist
Monetary and Economic Department, Economic and Financial Markets for Asia and the Pacific

Following university studies at Canterbury (New Zealand) and UBC and Queen's (Canada), James spent three years in the Research Department at the Bank of Canada. He then moved to Asia, teaching at the University of Hong Kong beginning 2001. He joined the BIS in May 2008.

Fields of interest

  • Econometrics and mathematical methods
  • Macroeconomics
  • International economics

Date BIS research papers
Jun 2017

The evolution of inflation expectations in Japan

BIS Working Papers No 647

Other authors: Masazumi Hattori

Nov 2016

Inflation expectations and monetary policy

BIS Papers No 89

Other authors: Ricardo Sousa

Oct 2016


BIS Papers No 88

Other authors: Frank Packer

Oct 2016

A comparison of liquidity management tools in seven Asian economies

BIS Papers No 88

Other authors: Kenneth N Kuttner

Oct 2015

The evolution of inflation expectations in Canada and the US

BIS Working Papers No 523

Mar 2015

Foreign exchange intervention: strategies and effectiveness

BIS Working Papers No 499

Other authors: Nuttathum Chutasripanich

Mar 2015

Financial inclusion - issues for central banks

BIS Quarterly Review March 2015

Other authors: Aaron Mehrotra

Dec 2014

Spillovers of US unconventional monetary policy to Asia: the role of long-term interest rates

BIS Working Papers No 478

Other authors: Ken Miyajima and Madhusudan Mohanty

Dec 2014

Financial inclusion and optimal monetary policy

BIS Working Papers No 476

Other authors: Aaron Mehrotra

Sep 2014

Decaying expectations: what inflation forecasts tell us about the anchoring of inflation expectations

BIS Working Papers No 464

Other authors: Aaron Mehrotra